Friday, March 5, 2021

Signed Trading Card: Limitless Wrestling

On Friday February 26th I attended the Limitless Dojo Student Showcase and I managed to get 10 cards from the Limitless Wrestling Series 3 card set signed.  The rule is, if they make a card and you can get it signed, you get it signed.  You can read my report of the show here.

These first three consists of Maine Street Posse members past and current.  I didn't get the complete set of Series 3 and was only able to buy a few packs, which is why I don't have a solo signed DangerKid card.

From left to right you are looking at Aiden Aggro, MSP: Aggro and Kid, and the "Beautiful Bald Bastard of Bangor" Alexander Lee.

The next three consist of Impact Wrestling's Acey Baby Ace Romero and the first trading cards of senior referee Eric Greenleaf and The Prize City OG Alec Price!

This final set of four are all listed as Rookie cards for Dojo Students "Belfast Bulldog" Dave Dyer, "Main Attraction" Mac Daniels, "Dweller of the Depths" Dylan Nix and Jacob Drifter.  

You can order these cards on the Limitless Wrestling website when they are in stock, they tend to sell out very fast. 

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