Saturday, March 27, 2021

Limitless Dojo Student Showcase March 26, 2021

Mikey, Canaan, and I headed to Brewer for a night of the rasslins at Ronco's for the second Limitless Dojo Student Showcase!

We had dinner at Chick-Fil-A, because it's awesome!  We then hit up Wal-Mart and Target so Mikey could look for figures to add to his collection and he picked up a couple.
There was a bigger crowd at this show because state covid regulations changed allowing for greater inside capacity.  

We were treated to eight matches and a show that ran just over two hours including the intermission.
Let's get to the matches!

Aiden Aggro pinned "Dweller of the Depths" Dylan Nix

Great opening match with Aggro and Nix both looking good in the ring, Aggro got the pin reversing the taz-mission into a pin

"Belfast Bulldog" Dave Dyer pinned Frank Jaeger

Jaeger had Dyer in an ankle lock submission and Dyer straight up kicked Jaeger in the dick to break the hold and then got the pin with the bulldog powerslam

BA Tatum pinned Kirby Wackerman 

This match had a lot of comedy which I have never seen in a Tatum match.  He pinned Wackerman after a rock bottom

Triple Threat: Ace Romero defeated "Iron" Rip Byson & "The Prize" Alec Price 

This match was advertised as a one on one match between Byson and Price, Randy Carver added Ace to the match much to the delight of the crowd.  Honestly it was a big pop when Ace's music hit.  There was a lot of fighting on the floor and Rip hit Price with a wicked Doctor Bomb.  Rip got his arm tied up in the ropes allowing Ace to hit Price with a package piledriver for the pin.

"Girl On Fire" Jessie Nolan pinned Big Juicy

This was Big Juicy's Maine debut and I thought she looked good in the match.  Nolan got the pin with an axe kick that didn't look great.

Eric Johnson pinned Konnor Hex with a sidewalk slam

Alexander Lee submitted "Big Cat" Tyler Addams

This was Big Cat's pro debut and he had a lot of family there cheering him on.  I was, actually, very impressed with Big Cat considering this was his first match.  Lee dominated the match and guided Big Cat along the way.  Cat submitted to Lee's arm lock.  

"Main Attraction" Mac Daniels pinned DangerKid 
Very, very good match up! Daniels hit a superb shoulder breaker at one point that popped me.  Yes I enjoy when the something is rarely used and when used done very well.  Mac got the pin with a roll up and a handful of tights. 

After the match Aggro came out and they challenged Mac to a tag match at the next show, if he could find a partner.

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