Thursday, April 1, 2021


Hello everyone, the reason I have not published in the last couple of weeks is for a few reason.  I did a big final push on my Limitless Wrestling book finished sections, formatting the pages, spacing the book out, adding photo's and designing the cover.

It only took a sentence to describe what I did, but believe me it was not quick and easy, there was so much work to do!  However, the proof copies have been ordered and I should have them in a few days so I can inspect them.  I'm afraid that I'm not going to be happy with them but I guess I'll find out.

The intention the whole time was for the book to be in black and white, it's more cost effective, however I am considering doing a full color print run, the printing price is literally five times as much, but I feel like it will be gorgeous!

I did go to a wrestling show last Friday, March 26th, and I will get around to writing about it.  I also started my new job which now has me in the office five days a week instead of working from home most days.

I have some partially finish posts in the wings and I'll be finishing them up soon.

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Until next time!!

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