Saturday, August 22, 2020

Live Report: NAWA August 21, 2020

The North Atlantic Wrestling Association announced an outdoor event at Skip's Bar in Buxton, Maine with a limited crowd and masks being required.  With these guidelines and a promoter I trusted to make sure they were enforced, after all he used to be called "The Enforcer" Larry Huntley, it was time to attend a live wrestling event!  The last show I went to was Limitless Wrestling February 22, 2020 and I needed my fix!

The day the show was announced Mikey and I picked up tickets, I hadn't been to Skip's Bar in Buxton since January 2005 for a New Wrestling Horizon's show.  The ring was set up outside behind the venue, the took out temperatures before we entered as well as logged everyone's name and phone number.  Masks were required and I would say about 90% of the people wore their masks 100% of the time.  We felt very comfortable.

I was very happy to see all my wrestling friends again!  A few other notes on the show, they set up some lights on the roof and really aided in lighting the ring once the sun went down.  Also the time keeper would announced the time remaining in the match in 5 minute increments. 

The only change to the card was that Johnny Primer was out and B.A. Tatum was brought on to replace him.

"Flash" Nick McKenna vs B.A. Tatum with Owen Brody 

This was a decent opener and the crowd seemed into it.  Tatum dominated most of the match but McKenna caught him with a cradle bodyslam for the pin

The Competition: Champ Mathews & Conner Murphy with Rotten Robbie vs Allen Prophet & JP O'Reilly

It's great seeing the former 69 Degrees back in the ring in person, now known as the Competition.  Mathews and Murphy did good job keeping bigger O'Reilly on the ring apron working over Prophet.  Eventually O'Reilly did get the tag and came in with a flurry but was cut off by the Competition.  After isolating O'Reilly in the ring they hit a combination crossbody block into the corner by Murphy followed by a heluva kick by Mathews for the pin on O'Reilly.

Post match Prophet attack O'Reilly leaving him laying with a swanton bomb. 

Cousin Larry vs. Dozer with Coach Beavis

It was never "Dozer Time" tonight as Larry dominated the match chopping the life out of Dozer and pinning him the whoopie cushion.  Before the match Coach cut a promo telling people to wear their masks and insulting them.

Owen Brody with B.A. Tatum vs. Dale Dalton

This was an excellent match.  It was mat based with a lot of good wrestling holds utilized.  Both shined through-out the match with Brody getting the advantage near the end.  He got a little cocky lifting Dalton off the mat interrupting a sure three count to show off.  Brody told Tatum to pick any move, Tatum asked for a jackhammer.  Brody got Dalton up in the vertical suplex position, however Dalton reversed it into an inside cradle for the pin. 

Not a good night The Syndicate who lost both their matches.

Kyle Hanson vs. Lights Out Lee Miller

This match was not great, both tried hard but they were just off.  They were doing some mat wrestling with decent holds but the crowd was only on one side of the ring and they were not facing the crowd while doing them so we couldn't see what was going on.

The finish saw Miller take his kendo stick and attempt to hit Hanson with it while he was in the corner, Hanson moved and Miller hit the top turnbuckle and it bounced back hitting Miller in the head.  Miller fell to the canvas and dropped the kendo stick, Hanson picked it up as the ref turned and called for the bell disqualifying him. 

North Atlantic Championship: Champion: Alexander Lee vs Blade Bandit vs. Malik Logan

Great main event match, I haven't seen Bandit in a long time and he looks great! Should change his name to BladeRunner Bandit.  My favorite part of the match was near the end.  Logan had Lee backed in the corner and wrecked him with the heart punch!!  After Lee recovered he locked in the Iron Claw and combined it with an STO! It was beautiful.

Lee got violent bringing three chairs in the ring and stacking them up, the top one was wrapped in barbed wire.  It backfired though as Lee was slammed on he stack taking him out of the match, leading to Malik Logan getting the pin on Bandit capturing the championship.

It was a fun night of wrestling, well worth my $10!  NAWA returns to Skip's on September 19th with a 7pm bell time.  Two matches were announced, JP O'Reilly vs. Allen Prophet and for the North Atlantic Championship: Malik Logan vs. Blade Bandit.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you had a good time and I'm sure it was a blast to see live wrestling again!

    1. It was fun, and being live at wrestling again was the best part.