Sunday, November 17, 2019

Signed Trading Cards: Joyce Grable, Crowbar, Bill Watts, & Lars Anderson

These are cards are some recent through the mail success.

Joyce Grable
This card I mailed to Mrs. Grable September 12, 2019 and got it back on October 1, 2019.  It is from the 1982 Wrestling All Stars series B card set. 

Crowbar aka Devon Storm
I mailed these cards to Crowbar on September 28, 2019 and got them back on October 5, 2019.  The first card is from the WCW Nitro Trading Card Game released in 2000, the second from the 2019 GCW Joey Janela Spring Break 3 Part 2 card set.  The final card was released in 2019 by 4 Corners Cards.

"Cowboy" Bill Watts

This card is from the 1982 Wrestling All Stars set.  I mailed it to Mr. Watts on October 19th and got it back on November 4th for a very fast turn around!

Lars Anderson

This "card" is from 1973 Victory Sports magazine, it's standard trading card size with brief bio info on the back, but is not numbered.  The thickness of it is a standard paper magazine page.  This is oldest signed trading card that I have in my collection.  Also this gives me three of the four Anderson's signed in my collection.  I'll never get Gene and Brad and Bryant do not have trading cards.  I mailed this on October 26th and got it back on November 4th.

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