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Roy's Review: IWE 10th Anniversary 1/12/2018 Fairfield, Maine

Here is my review of IWE's 10th Anniversary Tour Night 1 in Fairfield, Maine on January 12, 2018

In Ring: Jimmy Limits challenges any crusierweight in the back to a match. Tommy Lane comes out and accepts the challenge.

Match 1: Jimmy Limits defeated Tommy Lane

A decent match that saw Lane get in some good offense but in the end he got wrecked by a Brogue Kick.

Match 2: Kalvin Strange defeated Steven Lust

This match didn't really do it for me.

Match 3: Mason X defeated Big Moxie

These guys beat each other with clubs to the back and tried crushing each other in the corner. Other than that they didn't really do much of anything else. Midway through the match Adam Ricker came down. In the end he distracted Big Moxie allowing Mason X to get the win.

In Ring: Mason X continued to beat up Big Moxie until Eric Johnson came down to make the save. They battled to the back. Then Adam Ricker came in and gave Big Moxie and World's Strongest Slam. Ricker then gets on the microphone and says that tomorrow night Big Moxie will be his bitch.

Match 4: Crusierweight Champion "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble defeated Elite Terrell w/Angel Cross to retain

Lots of comedy in the beginning of this one. Once they got to wrestling it was a solid match. Rumble got the win with a backstabber.

Match 5: Angel Cross w/Elite Terrell defeated Rob Marsh w/Chad Epic by disqualification

Decent match until Steven Lust came out and attacked Angel Cross.

In Ring: Elite Terrell comes in and chases off Rob Marsh and Steven Lust. He then grabs the microphone and says that The Era of Violence didn't earn the tag team titles because they never pinned The Street. Angel Cross then challenges Steven Lust to a match.

Match 6: Todd Harris defeated John Steele

Solid match with Harris getting the crowd going as always. Steele had a good showing in his IWE debut.

In Ring: Todd Harris says that Kalvin Strange is a lower class citizen and he will trump him. Roadblock then comes out with a referee.

Match 7: Todd Harris defeated Roadblock

Superkick and bye see ya.

Match 8: Triple Threat Match: Derek Shorey defeated Ricky Williams and Malik Logan w/Todd Harris

This match was to determine the #1 contender to the Live Wire Championship. Good match with Shorey really shining. He got the win after a Swanton Bomb. Todd Harris was super pissed after the match for some reason.

This show scored a 35.5 out of 80 for an overall score of 44.38%. This was an average show that seemed to be used to put over the Brewer show.  Finally Derek Shorey is going to get the opportunity he deserves and should have had a long time ago. 

IWE returns to Fairfield on Friday February 9th with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

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