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Limitless Wrestling 1/19/2018 "The World Is Ours" Live Report

On Friday night January the 19th Limitless Wrestling brought their brand of professional wrestling to the Westbrook Armory with "The World Is Ours" and they did not disappoint!  Alex made the drive with me and we met Mikey, Roy, Derek, Bradford, Phil, and many many more compatriots taking in eleven matches, ten on the main card and one YouTube pre-show contest.


Kalvin Strange & Xavier Bell defeated Mark Sterling & Jaxon Stone

Glad to see Bell back on the card, it was odd not having him on the show in November.  My first time seeing Jaxon Stone and I hope he comes back I'd like to see more of him.  To me this match highlighted Kalvin Strange a native Mainer making his Limitless debut.  He trained with Lance Storm and I've seen him on a few IWE shows in hte past.  This was his best outing and I was surprised to see him get the submission victor on Stone for his team.  Sterling took a couple nasty bumps on his neck I hope he's okay.

Main Show

Darby Allen pinned Jeff Cobb

Second show in a row for Allen, Cobb's first in quite a while.  Cobb is a big powerhouse and Allen is so fast flying around the ring and yet their styles meshed tremendously.  Allen got the surprise, dare I say upset win with a unique pinning combination.  He stepped through like he was going to go for a sharpshooter but them fell forward tying up Cobb's legs and using his own body weight against him.  Three count came out of nowhere for a big pop and shocking finish.

Triple Threat Match: Martin Stone defeated David Starr and Fred Yehi

This was Stone's and Yehi's debuts with the returning Starr rounding out this Triple Threat Match.  In his 15th year Stone might be better known from NXT and the WWE UK Tournament as Danny Burch.  All three of these guys are fantastic mat based wrestlers that have some high flying in there repertoire.

This is the first time I have ever seen and three way Greco-Roman knuckle lock and it was tremendous.  It was unique seeing three guys applying and reverse mat based holds and submissions with such ease.  Stone submitted Yehi and per the stipulation of the match he gets to chose his opponent on March 30th.  I'm hoping Zack Sabre Jr, after their match at Beyond this is one I want to see in person.

Allie Kat, Kris Stadtlander, & Ashley Vox defeated The Maine State Posse: Danger Kid, Alexander Lee, & Aidan Aggro

Limitless keeps bringing new female talent and I hope it continues.  This match was very entertaining and gave us some great comedy and great action.  My first time seeing Allie Kat and Stadtlander and I hope it's not the last.

It really seemed to me like the Posse was holding back in this match but the ladies sure as hell weren't.  Both Allie Kat and Stadtlander connected with some sick kicks including Stadtlander's scissor kick.  Allie Kat got the pin on Danger Kid after a sick looking piledriver.

In March Limitless should bring back Allie Kat & Stadtlander to team up against Willow Nightingale & Skylar.

In Ring: Joey Eastman came out offering his services to the Posse and if they are not interested as a team then maybe just one of them would be.  After much deliberation Danger Kid accepted Eastman's offer and left the ring with him leaving Aggro and Alexander in disbelief.

Whiskey Dick: "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson & Dick Justice defeated Brett Domino & DL Hurst

I'm not a Dick Justice fan, I am a Troy Nelson fan.  Brett Domino is an asshole and I love it.  His facial expressions and over the top behavior is excellent, I look forward to seeing more.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman submitted Matt Cross

Another impressive showing by MJF who is my favorite heel on the independents.  For me I wasn't very impressed with Matt Cross vs. Petey Williams last November in Portland.  Tonight I got to see the Matt Cross that I was expecting last time.  MJF got the surprise submission victory after Cross missed a 450 splash.

In Ring: Stokely Hathaway came out inviting MJF to join the Dream Team.  MJF seemingly accepted but then Darby Allen came out and attempted a dive from the top rope onto MJF who pushed Hathaway into the oncoming Allen saving himself.  Not sure if Hathaway rescinded his offer or not.

Tessa Blanchard pinned Deonna Purrazzo

A truly fantastic match!  We got a little bit of everything, mat wrestling, submissions, high flying, and I finally got to see Tessa win a match in person!  Talking with her before the show she said she was done with Stardom for now, she felt she had gone as far as they were going to push her.  She'd love to go back to Japan but she was plenty busy at the moment.  I hope she finds time to comeback to Limitless and this time not take a year to do so.

"Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson pinned Eddie Kingston

I was not disappointed with this match, but it was not the match I was expecting.  The promo that Dickinson cut in November was so scathing that I figured these guys would jump start the bell and just start throwing hands.  Instead it was a feeling out process that eventually lead to some stiff back and forth blows.  Eventually Dickinson landed the pazuzu bomb for the three count.

"All Ego" Ethan Page and The Thick Boys: Jay Freddie & John Silver defeated The Dream Team: Mr. Grimm, Christian Casanova, & Austin Theory with Stokley Hathaway

A good match but the big story coming out of this was near the end of the match the bottom rope broke.  They finish came when the Thick Boys nailed their finish on Casanova for the double pin.  I will continue to point out that this is an illegal pin and the referee should not count the fall.

Massage NV: Dorian Graves & VSK defeated The Work Horsemen: "New Age Enforcer" James Drake & Anthony Henry

This was my favorite match of the night!  We got some fantastic tag team wrestling from two teams and not guys thrown together.  Limitless had brought Henry and Drake in before but this was the first time as a tag team.

Even with the bottom rope missing these two teams delivered.  Sincerely you need to watch this match when you have the chance.  Limitless Wrestling needs more of the Work Horsemen.

Fatal Four Way: Anthony Greene defeated Ace Romero, JT Dunn, & Josh Briggs

The match that was billed to discover the Ace of Limitless Wrestling.  This match was exactly what you would expect from these four.  It quickly spilled to the floor with all four working their way to the back of the venue where Dunn jumped off the top of the lockers onto the other three.

The four then battled back towards the ring past the merchandise tables where among all the chaos Jeff Cobb calmly sat eating his dinner unfazed by everything going on around him.  It was hilarious.  Greene eventually made his may back to the ring throwing eight steel chairs in a pile in the center.  His intention was to splash a prone JT Dunn from the top rope, however Dunn superplexed them both onto the debris it was pretty sick!

The finish came when everyone hit there finishers and Greene rolled up Dunn for the three count with a handful of trunks to win the match officially becoming the Ace of Limitless Wrestling.  However this was over shadowed by what came next.

In Ring: Teddy Hart made his surprise return to the pop of the night.  He cut a promo on Briggs, Romero, & Dunn challenging them to a six man tag team match on March 30th with his partners AR Fox and Sami Callihan!

There was some changes to the show tonight that I really liked a lot.  The doors opened on time, the pre-show and main show started as advertised.  The quickly started the next match after the previous one finished.  Intermission did not run excessively long and in the end the show finished up at just about 11pm.

I applaud the final two matches where the wrestlers didn't seem to let the fact there was no bottom rope stop them from doing their best in the ring.  The only thing missing from the show was the staple six way scramble match.

Limitless returns March 30th and when tickets go on sale February 5th I can't throw my money at them fast enough!  Already advertised:

Teddy Hart, AR Fox, & Sami Callihan vs. Josh Briggs, Ace Romero & JT Dunn

Dabry Allen vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Martin Stone vs. An Opponent of his choosing

Danger Kid with Joey Eastman will face an opponent to be determined by Mr. Eastman

also appearing Joey Janela, Brian Cage, and Chase Owens of the Bullet Club plus more

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