Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kenny Johnson Wrestling Documentaries

A couple days prior to the Limitless Wrestling Killin’ & Thrillin’ show on November 14, 2015 promoter Randy Carver shared a You Tube video that was a documentary about Tim Donst who was appearing at the Limitless event.

The documentary is entitled “Wrestle Donst Wrestle” and is about Tim Donst’s battle with cancer and his realization that he may never wrestle again.  It was excellent!  The documentary was done by Kenny Johnson and is posted on his YouTube channel.  In the About section he describes himself as;

"I'm an aspiring documentary filmmaker living in Columbia, MD.
I make short and long documentaries, and all kinds of videos about people I meet along the way.
I also love Professional Wrestling."

In total he has 13 documentaries ranging from 8 to over 30 minutes in length.  I’ve watched them all and They are truly fantastic!  He has features on Johnny Gargano, Sami Callihan, Kimber Lee, Tim Donst, Ethan Page, The Handicapped Heroes, Greg Excellent, Adam Cole, Veda Scott, Timothy Thatcher, Intergender Wrestling,  and his newest is on Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae: A Wrestling Couple.

Most of his footage appears to be shot at AIW, CZW, and GBW shows.  I don’t know much about filmmaking, but I know what looks good and what looks like garbage.  These are so well done.  Sound and video quality are superior, no matter the content if it looks and sounds bad it’s tough to watch.  His editing style how he mixes the subjects narrative with the footage and the background music is wonderful.  I truly am looking forward to what he puts out in the future.

He also has lost of other non-wrestling and short subject documentaries that a worth checking out as well. 

Here's a link to his page: Kenny Johnson Videos

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