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Podcast Rundown 8/15/2015

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast
Episode 260 Drew Gulak
Former CZW Champion and Indy Standout Drew Gulak talks to Colt about his career and where he wants it to go.

Episode 261 5th Anniversary
This podcast features Colt talking about himself and the direction of the podcast.  Also he airs a portion of a 2012 premium podcast with Keven Steen (Owens) which is interesting based on where Steen’s career was and where he saw it going, especially when you consider where it is.

Episode 262 Truth Martini (The Border)
This episode is similar the Cliff Compton Nigeria podcast as this entire show is Truth talking about is issues getting into Canada for the biggest show of his career for Ring of Honor.  Fantastic!

Episode 263 Edinburgh LIVE Part 1: Gardo, Sha Samuels, Brendon Burns, Carl Hutchinson
No real direction, just Colt talking to a couple wrestlers and a couple comedians, all wrestling related though, at the Fringe Festival.  It’s hilarious all through-out!

WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair
Episode 13 Mark Madden
Ric and Mark talk about sports, WCW, and more in a great conversation between friends.  Mark has a unique perspective about his time in WCW and for DDP. 

Jim Cornette Experience
Episode 87: Live from Charlotte
Recorded at the NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC

Talk is Jericho
Episode 161 Ian Ziering
Ian talks about he thought both Sharknado and 90210 would flop, clearly he was wrong.  Great conversation that flies by.

Episode 164 “Mr. Belding” Dennis Haskins
This has become one of my favorite’s podcast interviews!  Mr. Belding talks about what he did before acting as a road manager for one of the Alman Brothers.  What the character Mr. Belding means to him and how it doesn’t bother him that he was typecast as the character.

Episode 166 Roddy Piper Memories and New Day
Very funny chat with the members of New Day, well worth the listen.

How Did This Get Made
Episode 115: Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No! (with Scott Aukerman)
I didn’t really find this one funny, but Jason Mantzoukas is always a pleasure to listen too.

The Moth Radio Hour
Kate Braestrup & Pilar Siman
A Warden Chaplain helps others deal with death after facing her own tragedy, and a college freshman falls in love at 11pm Mass.

Camp, Cars, Cockroaches, and the Kremlin
A girl at summer camp tries to keep up with her sophisticated fellow campers, a writer loses a treasured pair of pants, a young man accused of stealing ends up living up of his car, and a writer lands in Moscow on the eve of a revolution.

Live From The Moth GrandSLAM
Taped live on July 15, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York.

Arthur Bradford & Laura Gershman
A man spends his second wedding anniversary in jail after getting picked up on an outstanding warrant from the Parks and Recreation department, and two sisters are dropped off at the mall as part of their mother’s elaborate ruse.

The Nerdist
Stand Up Cluster 2015
A series of stand up acts from Baron Vaughn, Megan Neurigner, Kyle Clark, Cameron Esposito, Carlos Delagdo, Dave Thomason, Al Jackson, Sara Schaefer, and James Adomain.

Paul Rudd
A really great conversation between Chris and Paul about everything from their dead dads and Antman. 

Mystery Show
Case 2 Britney
I first learned of this show listening to the most recent “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” podcast.  Starlee Kine created this podcast after listening to “Serial” deciding that she wanted to solve mysteries that no one else could solve.  Although this isn’t her first case it was the one that they spoke of on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.”  This episode is about her friend who wrote and book that did not do well and is hard to find, even she the author cannot find it. 
One day her friend saw a photo of Britney Spears carrying her book and wants to know why and if she liked it.

Case 1 Video Store
In this first case Starlee investigates her friends claim that on a Sunday she went to a video store for the first time, signed up for an account, and rented a movie.  When she went to return it the next day the video store was closed, had gone out of business and the inside of the store was empty.  This was in 2005. 

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