Saturday, May 14, 2022

Change in my Hobby

 I've been collecting signed wrestling cards in earnest for almost 20 years and I have amassed over 1,000 cards.  I have only purchased one off of ebay, Dynamite Kid leaf after he died, I have gotten all of my cards either in person or through the mail but always direct from the wrestlers.

For years I refused to sell my cards, I got them for me and they all had a story behind them.  However in the last couple years I have sold 6 of them.  Most recently my signed MJF Limitless Wrestling trading card for a more than I could ever had imagine the night I got it signed back in 2018.  

I enjoyed the notoriety of having the MJF card, because so many other coveted it, however, MJF is not someone that I am passionate about.  I respect him as the best heel in wrestling for the last few years, but he's not and all time favorite.

So I sold that MJF and with the money it paid for 4 nights at a Horse Ranch Resort in Hopewell Valley, New Brunswick, Canada this summer for my family.  Besides, I still have my signed All In MJF card so I still have one.  

I have a new direction when it comes to collecting my signed cards I'm going to focus on cards and wrestlers that I am passionate about.  Don't get me wrong I'm going to continue to get cards signed when I go to wrestling shows, but if someone offers me the right price, it'll go to them. 

I've always loved getting the NWA Wonderama cards signed as well as the 1985 Topps & O Pee Chee WWF cards and I'm going to look at what I have signed and see what I can get signed to add to me collection. 

I'll post regular updates here.

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