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Limitless Wrestling Returns!! Patience is a Virtue June 26, 2021

FINALLY!!  The day has come, the return of a full Limitless Wrestling show at the AMVets Hall in Yarmouth, Maine, and we're sold out baby!!

What is awesome about this show is that no participants were announced, no matches were announced, it was a complete mystery show.  Except Ava Everett said she was going to be there, and it's assumed that Limitless World Champion: "Red Death" Daniel Garcia would be on the card. 

Roy met me at my house and we drove down together arriving at the venue at 530 to ensure we got good parking, it's limited at the venue but there is parking down the road a bit. Mikey got there shortly after and we all stood around before the show speculating the night and just shooting the shit with Phil and Greenleaf.  

I went in early to set up my books, to sell that night, Randy's mom was kind enough to watch them for me while I enjoyed the matches, however I worked my table before, during intermission, and after the show.  

The line was huge and when doors opened it only took about 15 minutes for the 350 fans to flood into the venue, with a capacity crowd, after 16 months Limitless was back!

Rich Palladino kicked off the show with a very loud ovation, he announced Randy Carver on commentary to a big pop, and brought out "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson to a great reaction who was doing color commentary.

Ace Romero's music erupted from the speakers echoing over the building, the pop he received was partly because of him and partly because we were excited to have our wrestling back.  It was an emotional moment, and it was the first of two times that tears filled my eyes this evening. 

I wasn't the only one, even Acey Baby got a bit emotional from the reaction.  He stood on the second rope and the crowd sang along with his music "Your Love" by the Outfield with gusto.  JT Dunn's personalized entrance music kicked on and the initial reaction was a big pop because we were getting Ace Romero vs. JT Dunn as the first match back with fans!  Then they remember that they hated Dunn and the "Fuck JT" chant started.  A half dozen fans in the front row even donned custom "Fuck JT" t-shirts.

Not a single match on the card disappointed, in fact, every match exceeded my expectations! We got nine total matches, singles, tag teams, even a trios match.  We got to see a few of our favorite Limitless Wrestlers and a few that debuted during the closed set tapings.   I cannot wait for July 31st when Limitless returns to Yarmouth!

Ace Romero vs. JT Dunn

Very hard hitting match with action inside and outside the ring.  At one point on the floor Ace hit Dunn with a pounce that sickeningly sent him crashing into the ring ropes.  This match was STIFF!  They laid it out there for us and we drank it in!  Romero picked up the win with a package piledriver much to delight of the crowd.  Damn good match!

 "The Prize" Alec Price vs. "Poisoned Youth" Robert Martyr

I love Alec Price and I was very excited to see Martyr in person.  Alec is fast becoming one of the best wrestlers in New England.  I love Martyr's style in the ring, I could see him honing his craft in Japan one day.  This was one of the hardest hitting matches I've ever seen Price in.  Martyr hit a beautiful brainbuster, however Price overcame hitting his Prize Kick for the win. 

The Sea Stars: Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs. The Mane Event: Jay Lion & Midas Black

For a big guy Jay Lion is deceptively agile and fast!  This match had a lot of back and forth action.  Exo took a beating for the majority of the match, making the hot tag to Vox who battled back.  I really wasn't sure who was going to pick up the win but the Sea Stars triumph with Vox pinning Lion.  At the end all four competitors shook hands and the Mane Event raised the Sea Stars hands in victory. 

Jody Threat vs. Kevin Blackwood with Limitless Wrestling World Champion: Daniel Garcia

The show just kept getting better with each passing match.  Threat and Blackwood went move for move just beating the hell out of each other.  They both got frustrated at their inability to put each other away.  Near the end of the match Threat had Blackwood in pinned after a blue thunder bomb, but a distraction from Garcia lead to Blackwood taking out Threat with his double stomp from the top rope. 

Rich announced that a special guest want to make a statement, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Belinda Carlisle erupted from the speakers and the fans erupted in kind.  August Grey aka Anthony Greene had been released from the WWE the day before (Friday June 25th) and we all wondered if he'd be there, even though we got to hear his music, we didn't get to see the former Limitless Champion.  Instead Prestigious: BRG, Channing Tatum, and Mac Daniels made their way to the ring. They cut a promo on Greene and all of Limitless Wrestling proclaiming themselves the greatest trio in Limitless History.  Three guys took issue with that and a reformed Maine State Posse stepped through the curtain.

Maine State Posse: Aiden Aggro, DangerKid, & Alexander Lee vs. Prestigious: Brett Ryan Gosselin, "The Natural" Channing Tatum, & "Main Attraction" Mac Daniels

It was a huge surprise to see Lee, Kid, and Aggro back together again as a trio.  They dominated early on before it became a back and forth contest.  A lot of outstanding tandem moves by both teams.  Prestigious isolated Lee in the ring and scored the win hitting their Assisted Doomsday device finish with Lee sickeningly landing on his head with BRG scoring the pin for his team.  

As good as the match was though, what happened after the bell was THE take away of the night for me.  Lee was left in the ring on his own kneeling down near the center of the squared circle.  DK & Aggro re-entered the ring laying the Maine State Posse flag down in front of Lee, they then draped Lee in all their vests and set the lobster buoys down on the flag as well.  Lee look directly at me, tears in his eyes, I was on the verge myself and that put me over the edge.  The trio hugged one more time before they left Lee in the ring alone.  The symbolism of Dk & Aggro returning the Maine State Posse gimmick to Lee, it's founder, was tremendous!

The show featured a much needed intermission, many of the wrestlers from the first half of the show came out to sell their merch, and from what I could see many were very busy.  I sold some books, but bought several trading cards from the Sea Stars before they packed up.  I got my picture made with the duo as well, my last photo with a wrestler before the pandemic, February 2020, was Ashley Vox, my first after, Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo. 

"Iron" Rip Byson vs. Charlie Cashew

I didn't know who Charlie Cashew was,  I figured that this would be a squash for Ripper.  However it was an excellent match!  From what I can find Cashew has only been wrestling a couple years, since June 2019, but when you consider the Pandemic shut down wrestling for a year that's not a long time.  He has a great look and seemed solid in the ring, Ripper laid in a beating on him and he took it, giving it back at times.  Rip got the pin with a burning hammer.  I'd like to see more of Cashew at future shows.

Charles Mason vs. Love Doug

My first time seeing both of these guys live.  From what I can tell Love Doug started wrestling right when the Pandemic hit, he wrestled a lot on The Road and had a long standing storyline on the show as well.  Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of Love Doug's in ring work, but seeing him tonight changed all that!  I went from not caring about him to routing for him, I look forward to seeing him back at Limitless.
Charles Mason has been around a few years, I'm a fan of his in ring style.

This was a great match with Doug taking a wicked beating, but the man didn't quit and kept coming back for more.  The finish you HAVE to see to believe!  Mason picked up the submission victory.

Post Match: Ava Everett came out cutting a promo on Love Doug really ripping into him and chasing him to the back.  She then cut a promo on Randy and all of Limitless demanding a match.  Becca answered the call.

Becca vs. Ava Everett

Becca has been on roll the last few months, not just in Limitless but across New England and the Northeast.  Ava continues to show just how evil she can be, first with the scathing promo on Love Doug, but then my repeatedly ripping the scrunchies out of Becca's head along with some of her hair!  Ave even took a scrunchie and tied up Becca's wrists immobilizing her hands and arms.  She then laid in a beating on Becca.  However, Becca managed to free her hands and got the pin after a 450 splash!

Limitless Wrestling World Champion: "Red Death" Daniel Garcia with Kevin Blackwood vs. Jake Something

Daniel Garcia is so damn good, I hope the Limitless fans appreciate the time we have with him as champion while we do.  I know he says he's going to be sticking around on the indies, but I have a feeling is New Japan invited him to train at the Dojo in Japan he would.

This was a very welcomed long match that started slow and picked up intensity along the way.  I friggin' loved it! Jake Something is a very large man, who used his brute strength to overpower Garcia and break free from the multiple submission moves that Garcia applied to him.  However, Garcia wore down the big man though out the match getting the verbal submission when he had both arms and legs wrapped up. 

Post match Garcia got on the mic and the crowd relentlessly booed him, even when he pleaded with them to let him speak as he has something important to say.  Which was basically through the hard time of the pandemic we had him to thank for the survival or Limitless wrestling.  

Limitless returns for their last taped special on IWTV on Friday, July 16, 2021 featuring a Triple Threat Match with Limitless Wrestling World Champion: "Red Death" Daniel Garcia defending against Ace Romero and Alec Price

Limitless returns to the AMVets Hall in Yarmouth on Saturday July 31, 2021, tickets on sale Friday July 2nd.  Announced so far, Danhausen, Eddie Edwards and JD Drake.

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