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Limitless Dojo Student Showcase April 30, 2021

Mikey and I headed north for the third consecutive month for a hopefully exciting night of professional wrestling!  Oh, and it was an exciting night!

We stopped in Waterville on the way at Gamestop so Mikey could look for the Eddie Guerrero Funko figure, and he had no luck.  Once again we had dinner at Chick-Fil-A, they have done a great job throughout the pandemic following guidelines and running a successful business.

We stopped at Target where Mikey picked up a couple more figures to add to his collection and I actually bought one myself.  The Andre the Giant Mattel WrestleMania was on clearance for $10!

We got to Ronco's early because we didn't want to stand in the rain and the inside space is limited.  The show featured eight matches and had an intermission, starting on time at 7pm and finished up about 9:15pm with was a perfect show length.  Before the show started Ace and Johnson got in a scuffle at their merchandise tables and had to be pulled apart.

Let's get the the matches!

Malik Logan pinned "Dweller of the Depths" Dylan Nix

Solid opening match, with a lot of back and forth action.  The crowd was on Nix chanting Squidworm at him.  Logan pinned Nix after a sky high style powerbomb.

"The Prize" Alec Price pinned Adam Booker

Price has a manger, I can't recall his name, he's very good at what he does.  However, Price doesn't need a heater, he's got the gift of gab and the people hate him just looking at him.  I loved seeing Booker at the show he's still very smooth in the ring.  Finish came after Price's manager distracted Booker allowing Price to get a roll up from behind for the pin.

"Girl On Fire" Jessie Nolan pinned "King of Chaos" Logan Black

A VERY hard hitting match, Black did not hold back and Nolan gave it back to him just as hard.  Logan hit a SICK brainbuster that I was convinced was going to be the end of the match, but Nolan got her shoulder up.  Nolan reversed an attempted wheelbarrow suplex to an inside cradle roll-up. 

Maine State Posse:  Aiden Aggro & DangerKid defeated "Main Attraction" Mac Daniels & Brett Ryan Gosselin 

Excellent tag team match, Daniels and BRG were a great team for their first time tagging, that I'm aware of.  Kid took the Ricky Morton style beating from both Daniels and BRG for several minutes before getting the hot tag to Aggro.  Several times in the match Daniels would tag himself in when it looked liked BRG had things well in hand, BRG was annoyed but the let it go.  In the end though, their lack of communication, even though they looked great together, cost them in the end.

"Iron" Rip Byson pinned Brother Greatness

I love Rip, I've never heard of Brother Greatness and I would love to see him in a match without the low ceilings that are in Ronco's.  Great match, Rip was wild and crazy, as we like him, and Greatness held his own, until the burning hammer ended it. 

"Belfast Bulldog" Dave Dyer pinned Konnor Hex

Pure student match, it was good Dyer got the pin with the shoulder powerslam.

"Big Cat" Tyler Addams pinned Alexander Lee

Last month Lee submitted Addams during his open challenge.  Addams came out to accept this month's challenge. At first Lee wasn't going to accept the match, however wanted to embarrass Addams in front of his family again.  Crowd was into this big time with Addams large family section cheering him on and Lee getting a large amount of crowd support as well.

It was a very good match with both men keeping control for extended periods, however Lee's desire to humiliate Addams backfired and Addams scored a fluke upset pin. 

No Holds Barred: Eric Johnson pinned Ace Romero

This was violent and hard hitting!  We saw chairs, trashcans, a door, and even 8 inch spikes being slammed into each others heads.  Ace was busted open early on from the spike.  Ace looked to have this on in hand but Dave Dyer ran in and aided Johnson who hit Ace in the face with a crowbar to get the pin.

Again, it was an awesome night of the rasslins.  

The Limitless Dojo Student Showcase returns on May 28, 2021 at Ronco's featuring Brian Milonas and Ace Romero vs. Dave Dyer with Eric Johnson banned from ringside. 

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