Sunday, March 22, 2020

Signed Trading Cards: Kris Statlander, Ashley Vox, The North, and more

In this post but you can look at the cards that I got signed at Limitless Wrestling Flirtin' With Disaster on January 24th in Yarmouth, Maine.  Most of the cards are from Limitless Wrestling series 2 card set.  The cards were made by Todd Graham of Proving Ground Brand where you to can get your own custom trading cards made.  Following the link above of catch him on Facebook.

Kris Statlander

Kris Statlander was a surprise unannounced participant in the match.  I bought this pack of Limitless Series 2 cards after I say that she was there.  This card was in the front of the pack.  I was happy to get it signed, with her under contract with AEW I wasn't sure if she would be back with Limitless Wrestling.  I thought last month would be the last month, but she is advertised for February.  YEAH!

Ethan Page

I bought a pack of Limitless cards at the show because this card was on the front of the pack.  I got two of the cards this night as there was one in the pack with the Kris Stat card.  I gave that one to Page and he was very excited to have it.  

Josh Alexander

I bought this card from huskerhavs wrestling cards, it's part of the Jim Lyman Memorial Tournament card set.  These are great cards well designed, however, not a great picture as Josh Briggs is more visible than Josh Alexander is on it.

Alshley Vox

The last couple months Delmi Exo, Ashley's sister has been at the Limitless shows watching.  I bought this card from huskerhavs, it's part of the Sabotage Wrestling card set featuring the Sea Stars. The day before this show I read on Twitter that Delmi is on her way to Japan for a two month stint at the Stardom Dojo, great for her, but not for me as I now have to wait a few months to get her to sign this.

Brian Pilman Jr

The first card I bought from Pillman for $5, the other two I had.  The middle card is from the Starrcast II card set and the third is from 4 Corners Cards.  

Christian Casanova

This card is also from the Limitless Wrestling Series 2 card set.

Team Limitless...a work in progress

This card is from the Limitless Wrestling Series 2 card set, it features team Limitless from the December 2018 Limitless Wrestling vs. Blitzkrieg Pro show that was held in Connecticut.  I got it signed by Ashley Vox, Danger Kid, & Ava Everett. I need to get it signed by Anthony Greene, Aiden Agro, Alexander Lee, and Angel Sinclair.  It'll be pretty bad ass when it's all signed. 

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