Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Future of The Wrestling Insomniac

When I started this blog four and a half years ago it was because as an outlet for me to share my love of professional wrestling.  That and to help pass the time on the midnight shift during the down times.  Hence the title The Wrestling Insomniac. 

On August 19th I was offered and accepted a new job in the State of Maine system where I will be off the midnight shift.  In fact come September I'll be working Monday thru Friday 0730 - 1600 hrs with weekends and holidays off. 

The level of excitement that I have for this life changing career change is immeasurable.  That being said I'm not sure where this blog will fall with my new schedule.  I don't plan on shutting it down, not by a long shot, I'm just not sure I'll be making as frequent posts as I have in the past.  Maintaining this blog is surprisingly a lot of work and at times it's difficult to find content for these pages.

This blog is a passion project and my love for professional wrestling continues to grow with each passing day.  I'll continue to post my live event reports, share my signed trading cards, and write about the things that fascinate me the most in the world of wrestling.

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Until next time!

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