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Goldberg: The Losses

Back when Goldberg debuted I initially bought into the hype, but then I became disenfranchised with him including is first run in the WWE.  He second run in the WWE I could care less about as well.  That being said he possible the only wrestler whose career lasted longer than a minute where you can count the number of loses he suffered, here they are.

This first set of matches are where Goldberg was directly involved in the finish.  

July 24, 1997 WCW Saturday Night taping Dark Match, Atlanta, Georgia
Chad Fortune pinned Bill Goldberg

December 27, 1998 WCW Starrcade Washington DC
No Disqualification Match: Kevin Nash pinned WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg to win the championship

Anyone my age remembers this for the screw job finish that it was.  Fist Discro runs in and gets destroyed, the Bam Bam Bigelow runs in and is tossed out by Goldberg and while the referee and security tend to Bigelow Scott Hall returns dressed as security and hits Goldberg with a cattle prod leading to the jackknife powerbomb and pin.

October 25, 1999 WCW Nitro Phoenix, Arizona
Bret Hart pinned WCW United States Champion: Goldberg to win the Championship

The last segment before this match had Hall & Nash in the ring cutting a promo where Goldberg ran out and speared both men.

This match was okay.  Hart had a hairline fracture in his leg and Goldberg worked the leg the majority of the match asking the referee to stop it.  Hart jumped on Goldberg's back with a sleeper hold and has Mikey J was checking for a choke Goldberg slipped Hart off onto him bumping the referee.  Goldberg then clotheslined Hart to the floor.

Hall, Nash, & Sid ran in, after taking out Hall and Nash Golberg was caught by a big boot from Sid.  He then was chokeslammed by Hall, side suplexed by Nash, and powerbombed by Sid.  They all left the ring, Hart slid back in pinning Goldberg, who kicked out just after three.

December 5, 1999 WCW House Show Chicago, Illinois
WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart defeated Goldberg

Hall & Nash interfere causing the ref to signal for a disqualification.  Hart asks to re-start the match.  The referee does.  Hall, Nash, & Jarrett interfere, Bret doesn't see it and pins Goldberg after. Taken from a report on DDT Digest.

I would wager there was a referee bump and Hart was on the floor during the beat down much like their match on October 25th.

December 19, 1999 WCW Starrcade Washington DC
No Disqualification Match: WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart defeated Goldberg

The ref gets bumped and Roddy Piper comes out.  He gets in the ring just has Hart applies the sharpshooter and immediately calls for the bell, ala the Montreal Screw Job.  Piper then takes the title and walks towards the back, Hart catches up at the entrance way where Piper hands him the belt.

This was the match where Hart was concussed by a Goldberg kick that essentially would end Hart's in ring career.

December 20, 1999 WCW Nitro Baltimore, Maryland
Bret Hart defeated Goldberg for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Champion

The ref is bumped, Bret Hart locks Goldberg in a figure four.  Hall and Nash run in with baseball bats and attack Goldberg.  Hart breaks the hold and takes his licks with the baseball bat.  Roddy Piper runs in and attacks Hart who is pinning Goldberg, the ref counts 1, Hart is pushed off Goldberg by Piper, the referee counts two and three then awards the title to Hart, who wasn't pinning Goldberg.  Jeff Jarrett runs out and hits Piper with a guitar.

Nash, Hall, Hart, and Jarrett declare themselves the nWo.  Incidentally Hart was the World Champ, Jarrett the US Champ, and Hall & Nash Tag Team Champs.

July 24, 2000 WCW Nitro Cleveland, Ohio
No Disqualification Match: WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T defeated Goldberg

This match last only a couple of minutes.  Booker T attacked Goldberg in the aisle during his entrance.  In the ring Goldberg got the best of Booker T until Jeff Jarrett ran in hitting Goldberg with a chair, who no sold it and speared Jarrett.

Ernest "The Cat" Miller ran hitting Goldberg with a spin kick, Booker T hit and axe kick and the Book End for the three count.  Goldberg kicked out on three then speared and jackhammered Booker.

September 17, 2000 WCW Fall Brawl Buffalo, New York
No Disqualification: Scott Steiner defeated Goldberg

Goldberg had Steiner in position for a Jackhammer when Vince Russo ran in and hit Goldberg with a bat three times.  The action when to the floor where Steiner bodyslammed Goldberg through the table.  The match continued with Goldberg powering out a Steiner Recliner.

Goldberg was sitting on the top rope when Midajah hit Goldberg with a lead pipe and Russo it him with the baseball bat.  Goldberg then powered out of another Steiner Recliner.  Russo attempted to attack Goldberg with the bat but it was blocked.  Steiner then his Goldberg in the midsection and head with the lead pipe.

Steiner applied his finisher for the third time but Goldberg was unconscious so the referee called for the bell. 

January 14, 2001 WCW Sin Indianapolis, Indiana
No Disqualification: Totally Buff: Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger defeated Dewayne Bruce & Goldberg

A fan from the audience sprays mace in Goldberg's face then Luger unloads on Goldberg with a chair outside and then inside the ring.  Luger then lifted Goldberg up on his shoulders for the worst blockbuster ever before pinning him.  There was an additional stipulation that if Goldberg lost he would be forced to retire from wrestling.

July 20, 2003 WWE Raw House Show San Jose, California
World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H pinned Goldberg

According to the report in the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter this match featured a couple ref bumps and Randy Orton and Ric Flair interfered before Triple H got the pin with the pedigree.

August 24, 2003 WWE SummerSlam Phoenix, Arizona
Elimination Chamber: World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, & Goldberg

Goldberg eliminated Orton, Michaels, and Jericho by pinfall.  Triple H pinned Goldberg after hitting him in the back of the head with a sledgehammer avoiding a spear.

November 17, 2003 WWE Raw Beaumont, Texas
Three on One Handicap Match: Evolution: Batista, Randy Orton, & Triple H defeated Goldberg

December 14, 2003 WWE Armageddon Orlando, Florida
Triple Threat: Triple H defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg & Kane to win the championship

Triple H pinned Goldberg after Kane chokeslammed him.  Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Batista all interfered in the match.

April 2, 2017 WWE WrestleMania 33 Orlando, Florida
Brock Lesnar pinned WWE Universal Champion: Goldberg to win the championship

This set of matches are where Goldberg was in the match but was not directly involved in the finish

December 29, 1998 WCW House Show Long Island, New York
WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg & Bam Bam Bigelow
I'm guessing Bigelow was pinned

December 30, 1998 WCW House Show Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg & Bam Bam Bigelow
I'm guessing Bigelow was pinned

April 26, 1999 WCW Nitro Fargo, North Dakota
Diamond Dallas Page defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Sting, Kevin Nash, & Goldberg to win the Championship

August 2, 1999 WCW Nitro Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Rick Steiner & Sid defeated Goldberg & Sting by DQ

November 8, 1999 WCW Nitro Indianapolis, Indiana
Ladder Match: Scott Hall defeated WCW United States Champion: Bret Hart, Goldberg, & Sid to win the championship

November 22, 1999 WCW Nitro Auburn Hills, Michigan
The Outsiders: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeated Goldberg & Sid

November 29, 1999 WCW Nitro Denver, Colorado
Steel Cage: Bret Hart & Chris Benoit defeated Goldberg & Sid and The Outsiders: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

December 13, 1999 WCW Nitro New Orleans, Louisiana
The Outsiders: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions: Bret Hart & Goldberg to win the championships

June 26, 2000 WCW Nitro Des Moines, Iowa
WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, & Goldberg

July 10, 2000 WCW Nitro Jacksonville, Florida
Fatal Four Way: Jeff Jarrett defeated Kanyon, Scott Steiner, & Goldberg

August 13, 2000 WCW New Blood Rising Vancouver, British Columbia
Three Way Dance: Kevin Nash defeated Scott Steiner & Goldberg

September 4, 2000 WCW Nitro Dallas, Texas
Triple Cage War Games: WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, & Vince Russo defeated Booker T, Sting, Goldberg, and Kronik: Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke

In his career Goldberg was only directly involved in the loss of a match 14 times.  Of those only twice was it a clean finish in a straight up one-on-one match with no special stipulations or outside interference.  June 24, 1997 in a dark match to Chad Fortune before his Television debut and his, presumably, final match when Lesnar beat him at WrestleMania 33.

Chad Fortune (left) with Erik Watts as Tekno Team 2000 in the WWF 95/96
Like him or not I doubt anyone else in the career can say the same thing. 

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