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IWE Live Report 2/9/2018 featuring Shane Douglas

On Friday February 9th Canaan, Alex, and I met Roy, Mikey, & Phil in Fairfield at the Community Center to take in a night IWE: Independent Wrestling Entertainment featuring "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.

This was first IWE show since last July when Teddy Hart was on the card.  I really like the Fairfield Community Center as a venue.  I've been attending matches here since 2004 and tonight marks my 53rd show at this building.

This is my third time seeing Douglas live and he is always so nice and approachable to talk to.  He is very passionate and opinionated about the sport of professional wrestling.  This was my first time getting my picture taken with him.

I asked him how he felt about fans still chanting E-C-W even thought the promotion shut down 17 years ago.  He responded that he's honored that something he participated in has had such a longing effect on the wrestling.  But also pointed that out as a bad thing that nothing else has had such an impact on wrestling to overshadow it. 

In Ring: "Shatterproof" Derek Shorey cut a promo stating that Todd Harris was not in the building and the promoted Livewire Championship match would not be taking place.  So he laid out and open challenge that was answered by the Middlesex Express.  Eventually Strange came out evening up the odds and making it a tag team match.

"Shatterproof" Derek Shorey & Kalvin Strange defeated The Middlesex Express: Steven Broad & Steven Lust with Chad Epic when Shorey pinned Lust after a swanton bomb

This was a great match.  What I like about the Middlesex Express is that they are an established tag team with matching gear and a tag team name.  Steven Broad has an 80's throwback look with a killer mustache and dynamite hair.

Shorey has improved tremendously since the last time I saw him.  He has a good look and moves around the ring very well.  He gets some impressive air with his swanton and other high flying maneuvers.

Ian Griffin with Alex Cain & Sara D'Errico defeated Tommy Lane with a splash mountain

I haven't seen Griffin in a couple years so it was nice to see him again.  I've always enjoyed his in ring work.  This was pretty much a long squash match the Lane getting very little offense in and getting pinned clean in the center. 

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas pinned Maine State Champion: "Big Moxie" Matt Mahoney with a school boy in a non-title match

Surprised this was on third, figured this would close the show.  A basic but good match, Douglas cut a pre-match promo stating lets give them a wrestling match.  Then after a few minutes of Mahoney getting the upper hand on Douglas he resorted to nefarious means.

The match spilled to the floor and Douglas had is head comically rammed into the canvas several times in rapid succession.  After a few more minutes of action Douglas rolled up Mahoney with a school boy for the pin.

We didn't get a belly to belly suplex, but it was a fun match and it was great to see Douglas wrestle live in such an intimate setting.

Post Match: Douglas cut an impassioned promo about pro wrestling, what it means to him and the fans.  He also took a couple shots at Vince McMahon and the WWE.  Mahoney stated what an honor this was for him and that he's been nervous all week.  Douglas then took a moment to honor is fallen comrades in the Triple Threat by introducing Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido. 

Anyweight Champion: Jimmy Limits pinned Rob Marsh with Adam Ricker & Chad Epic after a Mafia Kick in an open challenge match

This was an open challenge that was answered by the tag team champions.  Epic teased not knowing who was going to accept the challenge.  The fans chanted for Marsh and we got who we wanted.

This match was ok.  I've seen both of these guys put on some decent matches and I'm a huge fan of Rob Marsh but they just didn't seem to mesh tonight. 

Mason X pinned Kenny Roberts with a chokeslam

Best looking Mason X so far and Kenny Roberts is very charismatic.  Mason is supposed to be a monster killer, but the match went on too long in my opinion.  Some good moments but should have been much shorter.

Ian Griffin with Alex Cain & Sara D'Errico pinned "Alpha Dog" Jason Rumble after hitting with a foreign object

Alex Cain was supposed to compete in this match but claimed a knee injury would prevent him from doing so so we got our second dose of Ian Griffin for the evening.

I was surprised to see Griffin get two wins in the same night.  After the match Rumble got his hands on the object then sent the fans home happy by laying out Griffin and dancing.

It was a fun night of wrestling because I got to see my friends and quite frankly any night at wrestling is a great night. 

The next time IWE returns to the Fairfield Community Center is on March 9th featuring a Trios Tag Team Tournament.

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  1. Nice review! I'm a Shane Douglas fan myself and was hoping to make it up for the event.