Wednesday, April 3, 2024

More than Mania Philadelphia Adventure Preview

As this posts I will be heading south with my friends to Philadelphia for Wrestling Week.  I can't really call it WrestleMania week, because I may or may not go to Mania, and it's not WrestleCon week because yes I'm going there, but we are doing other events as well.

So I am going with More Than Mania Week!

I've shared out schedule of events below, with Saturday being the big unknown as it's dependent on the last minute ticket prices for Mania.  Currently the cheapest are $196 plus fees for partial obstructed view, and as stacked as the card is, I can't spend that much money for a ticket like that. 


Sean Henderson Presents WrestleJawn - GA

5pm at Attic Brewing Company

Hunkamania - VIP Tickets

10:30pm Helium Comedy Club 2031 Sansom St, Philly

Comedy show with Nic & Ryan Nemeth and special guests


Defy Wrestling

11am - 1:30pm The Collective

Seated 3rd Row Tickets

World of Stardom 

3pm doors at 2pm 2300 Arena

Standing Room Tickets

Mark Hitchcock Show

7pm doors at 5:30pm 2300 Arena

Seated Tickets in the back

JCW & GCW vs The World - Maybe

11:59pm The Collective 


WrestleCon Convention 9am to 2pm 

Progress Wrestling

3pm - 5:30pm The Collective

3rd row ringside

Joey Janela Spring Break 8

7pm - 10pm The Collective

2nd row ringside

GCW: For The Culture

11:59pm The Collective

General Admission


WrestleCon Convention 9am to 2pm

GCW vs. TJPW - Maybe

2:30pm The Collective

WrestleMania 40 - Maybe

7pm Lincoln Financial Field

GCS JJSB Clusterfuck Forever - Maybe

11:59pm The Collective


WrestleCon Convention 9am to 2pm

My WrestleCon meet and greet list has many names on it but I'm not getting everyone to sign it's more of a, maybe / possible. There are other wrestlers that are not at WrestleCon but are at shows I am going too that I potentially want to get cards signed by.

My primary focus for cards, outside the few I purchased, are getting NWA Wonderama Cards Signed, so that means Robert Gibson, Bushwacker Luke, Missy Hyatt and Earl Hebner. Outside that Los Boricuas, Ken Patera, and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers are high on the list.

Friday Only

Sting - purchased 9am - 1pm

Bryce Remsburg $10/$15 10am - 2pm

Dawn Marie $30

Dustin Rhodes $40 cards

Saturday Only

Ric Flair - purchased

Sid - purchased

Missy Hyatt $20

Ken Patera $30

Rougeau Brothers $50

Kyoko Inoue $30/$50

Aja Kong $30/$50

Nigel McGuinness

Killer Kelly

Masha Slamovich

All Days

Sabu- purchased
Robert Gibson $30/$50 no vendor - perhaps JJ Spring Break

Los Boricuas $60 card

Nick Wayne

Arn Anderson $60/$80

Bushwacker Luke

Izzy Moreno

Tommy Rich $30/$50

Powers of Pain $50/$80

It will be interesting to see what I do and how the weekend plays out. 

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Until next time!

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