Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Cost of Being A Wrestling Fan February 2024

Let's take a look at my February 2024 spending on my beloved professional wrestling.

This months total also includes purchases for the Indie-mania trip to Philly in April.  If you remove that total of $316.06 then February expenses was $323.87.

I went to 2 wrestling events with Hockey/Wrestling and Limitless wrestling tickets totaling $110.65.  The extra expenses associated with those shows totaled $106.56. 

Streaming services for wrestling was $35.97 plus by portion of the AEW PPV $13.19.  An oddity is $12 to pay the domain fee for this website.  The remaining was for wrestling related merchandise $46.23 that bought me trading cards that I hope to get signed, the A24 Iron Claw zine, which is pretty dang cool, and an old original ECW Home Video VHS from 1995 of Double Tables, it was $20 and I'm happy to add this to my collection.  It wasn't on my radar but wrestler Troy Nelson was selling it at Limitless.   

I'm happy with my February total, I don't think it's excessive if you take out the Philly monies spent.  April will be pricey.

March there is no Limitless or Let's Wrestle so I don't think the local expenses will be all that high.

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