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159 Person Battle Royal

June 19, 2010 California based AWS: Alternative Wrestling Show presented a night of professional wrestling entitled Bart's Birthday Bash.  The main event on the show featured a 3 ring 159 intergender World War 3 Battle Royal.  This style battle royal was invented by World Championship Wrestling in 1995 however theirs featured 60 competitors. 

I can't find much about the event on the internet however the entire event is on IWTV and I watched it.  There are three rings, and according to a Sean Ross Sapp interview with Willie Mack the three rings were different sizes, 20 feet, 18 feet, and 16 feet.  Not only were the rings different sizes but also different heights making them not level from one ring to the next.  

Right as the bell rang the center ring, which was the 20 foot ring, broke and was slowly collapsing in as the match progressed.  The commentators were not great but they stated there was near 500 fans in attendance, I would wager there were more wrestlers than fans on this show. 

The footage is one hard camera drifting from ring to ring and it's just chaos for over 30 minutes until the last few competitors fighting in the two outside rings. It came down to Lil Cholo, Johnny Paradise So Cal Crazy, & Scorpio Sky.  

I have listed the names of the competitors below, thanks to Cagematch, and there were several well known wrestlers in it including the eventual winner Scorpio Sky who won last eliminating 
Lil Cholo. 

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The Competitors
Adam Ryder
Aiden Riley
Andre Machievski
Andrew Hellman
Angel el Exotico
Ann Arkiss
Axe Hammer
Babi Slymm
Bart Kapitzke
Billy Blade
Black Sawyer
Blood Eagle
Bobby Ramos
Brandon Parker
C. Edward Vander Pyle
Cedric Barr
Charles Mercury
Chris Kadillak
Chris Lyonz
Cincinnati Red
Claudia del Solis
David E. Jones
David Frazier
Davis King
Devan Lynch
Diamond Azul
DK Murphy
Dr. Maldad
Dragon Mask
Drew Gabrial
Drunken Uncle Ronnie
Eddie Mattson
Edgar Von Hammersmark
El Delicioso
El Moblin
Enigma de Oro
Ethan Reed
Evan Jelik
Extreme Loco
Famous B
Foob Dogg
Freddy Bravo
Harry Murkin
Hawk Jones
Hector Canales
Human Tornado
Hunter Matthews
Incendio Calavera
Jacob Diez
Jalen Wu
James Morgan
Jarek Matthews
Jason Watts
Jenna Lynne
Jeremy Jaeger
Jesse Nahara
Joey Dynamite
Joey Ryan
John Hudson
Johnny Goodtime
Johnny Paradise
Johnny Yuma
Jon Ian
Josh Worthy
Kadin Anthony
Kid Caramba
King Jakal
Kitana Vera
Krystal Van Voorhis
Kyle Haystacks
Leo Blaze
Lex Lucco
Lil Cholo
Lil Nate
Little Gino
Logan X
Lucha Machine
Mad MacIntosh
Maldad Loco
Matt Collins
Matt Sinister
Mikey Callahan
Mondo Vega
Monte Maldito
Mr. Impact
Nelson Creed
Nick Lovin
Nick Madrid
Night Shadow
Omar Duncan
Oso Loco
Peter Avalon
Piloto Suicida
Pinky Santino
Randy Van Stone
Ray Murillo
Ray Rosas
Ricky Mandel
Ridiculoso Blanco
Rising Son
Roger Ruiz
Ronnie Thrash
Ron Rivera
Ruben Iglesias
Ryan Kidd
Ryan Ramos
Ryan Stone
Ryan Taylor
Sam Knight
Scorpio Sky
Sexy Chino
Shamu Jr.
Shane Ballard
Shannon Ballard
SoCal Crazy
Tab Jackson
Tank Alvarado
The Amazing Web
The Awesome Plague
The BC Killer
The Stepfather
Thomas Quentin
Thunder Kitty
Tim Allen
Todd Chandler
Tommy Kim
Tommy Misfit
Tommy Wilson
Ultra Taro
Van Acid
Vance Lamborghini
Vintage Dragon
Viper Valentine
Washington Wayne
Willie Mack
Yyan Nakano

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