Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kill City Cup: America's Most Badass Tournament

April 28, 2021 a 6 second video clip of Natalia Markova being powerbombed on a table that didn't break went viral with over a million views in the first week.  The wrestling world was intrigued and wondering, what the hell did I just watch and where can I find more.  Shortly thereafter we were given the name Kill City Cup.

Methodically over the next two years information, photos, and footage of Kill City Cup would be released on the companies social media pages leading do the debut of Kill City Cup: America' Most Badass Tournament on April 20, 2023 on their YouTube page. 

The brain child of Luke Robert, who has wrestled for over 20 years, Kill City Cup is cinematic wrestling at it's finest.  Filmed on a closed set in the vein of Lucha Underground, with high quality production values and very talented professional wrestlers, with commentary provided by Randy Carver.

This first episode features 7 matches in the Kill City Cup Tournament.  With wrestlers going by Russian Crush, The Machine, Neo-Shaman, Hecates Hangman, and more.  You would know them better as Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Sydal, Brian Cage, and Natalia Markova.

I enjoyed the show thoroughly, not just the presentation and high quality production, but the unique style of matches, interesting storylines and how winners of the matches is declared.  Not with a traditional 3 count but more akin to a video game like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat.

I have it under good authority they have unreleased matches featuring 2 Cold Scorpio, Teddy Hart, Mojo McQueen, and more. 

Kill City Cup II is currently in pre-production. 

You can support Kill City Cup on their Webpage, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  

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