Monday, November 30, 2020

Wrestling With Lockdown November Challenge


I saw this on Twitter on November 9th, thought it was cool but decided to put it here as I had already missed a third of the month. 

1) First wrestling you remember seeing?

I don't have a first time I saw wrestling memory, I just know I've always watched wrestling because my Dad did.  Same with my kids, they didn't discover it on their own I've been watching wrestling with them since they were babies.

2) First wrestling show you saw on TV?

Probably WWF Championship Wrestling.  It was definitely the World Wrestling Federation.

3) First Live Wrestling Show?

June 4, 1989

World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

Cumberland County Civic Center

Portland, Maine

Taken by my pal Phil who was front row at this show

Tim Horner defeated Barry Horowitz

The Warlord defeated Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
Dino Bravo pinned Hercules special referee “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

“American Dream” Dusty Rhodes (sub. for Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts) defeated “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Bret “Hitman” Hart fought Mr. Perfect to a 20-minute time-limit draw

WWF Tag Team Champions: Demolition: Ax & Smash defeated Twin Towers: Big Bossman & Akeem the African Dream

“Macho Man” Randy Savage with “Sensational” Sherri Martel defeated WWF World Champion: Hulk Hogan via count-out

You can read my blog post about this show here.

4) Last Live Wrestling Show?

August 21, 2020

North Atlantic Wrestling Assoc. (NAWA)

Outside at Skip’s Bar

Buxton, Maine

Alexander Lee, taken by me

“Flash” Nick McKenna pinned B.A. Tatum with Owen Brody

The Competition: Champ Mathews & Conner Murphy defeated Allen Prophet JP O’Reilly when Mathews pinned O’Reilly

Cousin Larry pinned Dozer with Coach Beavis with the whoopie cushion

Dale Dalton pinned Owen Brody with B.A. Tatum with an inside cradle reversing a jackhammer attempt

“Lights Out” Lee Miller defeated Kyle Hanson by disqualification

Triple Threat: Malik Logan defeated Blade Bandit and North Atlantic Champion: Alexander Lee pinning Bandit to win the championship

You can read my full report about this show on my blog here.

5) First Wrestling Merch?

It had to be my Hulk Hogan LJN  figure.  However I do remember getting the Wrestling Album VHS and being over the top excited about it.

That is my original figure and championship belt

6) Favorite Babyface?

Ricky Morton of the Rock n' Roll Express has to be the greatest pure babyface of all time.  Yes I know he was a heel as Richard Morton for a couple years but that never worked.

7) Favorite Heel?

The Four Horseman, when they were bad no one was better. 

8) First Wrestling Crush?

9) Scariest Moment?

This is very hard pin down because I've watched so much wrestling in my life.  In recent years on live events though I saw a guy do a shooting star press of the top rope and land on the ring post right in front of me and I thought for sure that he was dead.  He was just fine though.

10) Most Emotional Moment?

Live at WrestleMania XXIV for Ric Flairs "last match" with Shawn Michaels.  A life long Ric Flair fan it was very emotional for me.  

11) Favorite Authority Figure?

I don't really care about authority figures, I'd rather have my wrestling with out them.  However, Teddy Long was consistent and always gave us some great Tag Team Matches.

12) Favorite Wrestling Era?

1983 - 1988 NWA / Jim Crockett Promotions hands down!

13) Favorite Wrestling Podcast/YouTube?

Podcast: The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana and YouTube: Being the Elite 

14) Favorite Ring Gear?

I love a good wrestling robe but The Great Muta always brought the awesomeness 

15) Favorite Ring Entrance?

If we are talking everyday entrance not just big events then currently it's Asuka.  

16) Favorite Promo?

That's tough, there are so many great talkers out there in wrestling, today Eddie Kingston is delivering, and Tully Blanchard still has the juice.  Going back in time the Dusty Rhodes Hard Times promo of course stands out.  A few years back Christopher Daniels cut this bad boy before his Ladder Wars tag team match at All Star Extravaganza, incidentally I sat front for that show.  

17) Favorite PPV?

SummerSlam 2002 was an amazing show beginning to end with no bad matches at all. 

18) Most Underrated Wrestler?

Brad Armstrong 

19) Funniest Moment?

I can't pick one, but it probably involved Chuck Taylor in CHIKARA or PWG

20) Best Non-Wrestling Appearance By A Wrestler?

probably Batista as Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

21) Best Manager?

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

22) Best Wrestling Debut?

In recent years, Shinsuke Nakamura in NXT against Sammy Zayn

23) Best Faction?

The Four Horsemen

24) Best Finisher?

Awesome bomb and Brainbuster 

25) Favorite Tag Team?

Currently FTR, others include Young Bucks, Rock n' Roll Express, Midnight Express, British Bulldogs, Arn & Tully aka The BrainBusters, Americas Most Wanted and more

26) Favorite Use of A Celebrity?

Currently Pat McAfee is doing really well, however Pete Rose was excellent in his multiple WWE appearances. 

27) Most Exciting Wrestling Storyline?

Most emotional was told on BTE with Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi leading toward their tag team match.  Long term story telling that was just great! 

28) Best Comeback?

Shawn Michaels, has to be Michaels coming back after his back injury.  Although if Covid hadn't been a thing Edge would most likely have taken that accolade. 

29) Wrestler You Imitate the Most?

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair

30) Why Do You Love Wrestling?

I can't this easily, I just do and I love it so very much!

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