Friday, November 6, 2020

Signed Trading Cards: Brittany Brown, Robert Fuller, & Mario Mancini,

This batch of signed trading cards feature cards that I designed using the Iphone & Ipad app called Rookies.  The app is baseball themed however you can design the front and back of the card yourself with multiple options.  You buy cards in packs of 20 and it can be one single card or 20 different designs, they cost $13.99 a pack plus shipping, it's less than $1 a card. 

Brittany Brown

I message Mrs. Brown on Facebook inquiring if I could send her the card.  I mailed it on October 17, 2020 and got it back just nine days later on the 26th.  A Massachusetts native she trained with the Fabulous Moolah and others debuting in 1984.  She wrestled regularly through 1998 and then returned for a few matches in 2010 with Magnificent Ladies Wrestling.  Had a multi-year feud with Brandi Alexander.  

Robert Fuller

Probably best known for his time in WCW as a Manger under the name Colonel Robert Parker, Robert Fuller is a third generation wrestler who began wrestling in 1970 in the Alabama and Tennessee territory.  With his brother Ron Fuller they ran the Continental Wrestling territory on an off for several years.
The first card is from the 1995 WCW Main Event Cardz set, the second card is one that I had custom made using the Rookies App.   

Mario Mancini

Mario wrestled for the WWF as enhancement talent from 1984 - 1992.  I find him to be unique as he never wrestled anyplace other than being and WWF jobber which is odd.  I mailed this card to Mancini on 10/24/2020 and got them back six days later on the 30th.   Although I appreciate that he signed the card for me it does annoy me that he signed the back of the card.  In every letter I send I specifically ask if they would please sign the front for display purposes.  

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