Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Progress Report: Limitless Wrestling book

A few months back while I was compiling my first volume of the Wrestling Insomniac book, available now on Amazon, I started thinking about other wrestling books that I could write.  Putting the manuscript together for Volume 1 and Volume 2, also available on Amazon, my The Wrestling Insomniac books I really learned a lot on how to format a manuscript for publication.

I wanted to write a book about wrestling that wasn't and never will be published on this blog, one of the ideas that came to mind was a Limitless Wrestling record book.  I love wrestling, I love Limitless, and I love wrestling stats.  So I started the process of making a spreadsheet that listed every wrestler that had ever stepped inside a Limitless ring and across the top every Limitless show and I started marking wins and losses.  Before the most recent series The Road, 286 different wrestlers had entertained the Limitless faithful.

I decided to write brief bio for each other those wrestlers, listing their height, weight, billed home town, where they trained and who with as well as any interesting factoid I can find.  I'm about half way through.  I'd like to thank all the wrestlers that I have cold messaged about this project who have answered my questions.

Each show will have a dedicated section that will include the full results as well as storylines that were happening at that time and notable moments from the show.  I will be highlighting as many aspects of the first five years of Limitless Wrestling that I can.

I'm still trying to figure a title:

Limitless Wrestling Record Book

The History of Limitless Wrestling: The First Five Years

The Limitless Wrestling Almanac and Book of Facts 2015 - 2020

I'm sure something will come to me.  Currently I'm shooting for release in early 2021 so that all of 2020 is covered in the book.  That's just over 4 months away. 

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Live Report: NAWA August 21, 2020

The North Atlantic Wrestling Association announced an outdoor event at Skip's Bar in Buxton, Maine with a limited crowd and masks being required.  With these guidelines and a promoter I trusted to make sure they were enforced, after all he used to be called "The Enforcer" Larry Huntley, it was time to attend a live wrestling event!  The last show I went to was Limitless Wrestling February 22, 2020 and I needed my fix!

The day the show was announced Mikey and I picked up tickets, I hadn't been to Skip's Bar in Buxton since January 2005 for a New Wrestling Horizon's show.  The ring was set up outside behind the venue, the took out temperatures before we entered as well as logged everyone's name and phone number.  Masks were required and I would say about 90% of the people wore their masks 100% of the time.  We felt very comfortable.

I was very happy to see all my wrestling friends again!  A few other notes on the show, they set up some lights on the roof and really aided in lighting the ring once the sun went down.  Also the time keeper would announced the time remaining in the match in 5 minute increments. 

The only change to the card was that Johnny Primer was out and B.A. Tatum was brought on to replace him.

"Flash" Nick McKenna vs B.A. Tatum with Owen Brody 

This was a decent opener and the crowd seemed into it.  Tatum dominated most of the match but McKenna caught him with a cradle bodyslam for the pin

The Competition: Champ Mathews & Conner Murphy with Rotten Robbie vs Allen Prophet & JP O'Reilly

It's great seeing the former 69 Degrees back in the ring in person, now known as the Competition.  Mathews and Murphy did good job keeping bigger O'Reilly on the ring apron working over Prophet.  Eventually O'Reilly did get the tag and came in with a flurry but was cut off by the Competition.  After isolating O'Reilly in the ring they hit a combination crossbody block into the corner by Murphy followed by a heluva kick by Mathews for the pin on O'Reilly.

Post match Prophet attack O'Reilly leaving him laying with a swanton bomb. 

Cousin Larry vs. Dozer with Coach Beavis

It was never "Dozer Time" tonight as Larry dominated the match chopping the life out of Dozer and pinning him the whoopie cushion.  Before the match Coach cut a promo telling people to wear their masks and insulting them.

Owen Brody with B.A. Tatum vs. Dale Dalton

This was an excellent match.  It was mat based with a lot of good wrestling holds utilized.  Both shined through-out the match with Brody getting the advantage near the end.  He got a little cocky lifting Dalton off the mat interrupting a sure three count to show off.  Brody told Tatum to pick any move, Tatum asked for a jackhammer.  Brody got Dalton up in the vertical suplex position, however Dalton reversed it into an inside cradle for the pin. 

Not a good night The Syndicate who lost both their matches.

Kyle Hanson vs. Lights Out Lee Miller

This match was not great, both tried hard but they were just off.  They were doing some mat wrestling with decent holds but the crowd was only on one side of the ring and they were not facing the crowd while doing them so we couldn't see what was going on.

The finish saw Miller take his kendo stick and attempt to hit Hanson with it while he was in the corner, Hanson moved and Miller hit the top turnbuckle and it bounced back hitting Miller in the head.  Miller fell to the canvas and dropped the kendo stick, Hanson picked it up as the ref turned and called for the bell disqualifying him. 

North Atlantic Championship: Champion: Alexander Lee vs Blade Bandit vs. Malik Logan

Great main event match, I haven't seen Bandit in a long time and he looks great! Should change his name to BladeRunner Bandit.  My favorite part of the match was near the end.  Logan had Lee backed in the corner and wrecked him with the heart punch!!  After Lee recovered he locked in the Iron Claw and combined it with an STO! It was beautiful.

Lee got violent bringing three chairs in the ring and stacking them up, the top one was wrapped in barbed wire.  It backfired though as Lee was slammed on he stack taking him out of the match, leading to Malik Logan getting the pin on Bandit capturing the championship.

It was a fun night of wrestling, well worth my $10!  NAWA returns to Skip's on September 19th with a 7pm bell time.  Two matches were announced, JP O'Reilly vs. Allen Prophet and for the North Atlantic Championship: Malik Logan vs. Blade Bandit.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Alexander Lee Bio Draft

I'm working on a Limitless Wrestling Record Book commemorating the first five years of Limitless Wrestling.  This book is going to contain the a brief bio of every wrestler that has step into a Limitless Wrestling ring, close to 300 wrestlers.  Not all bio's will be this extensive, however Lee is a Limitless original who has been with the promotions since Stage One and is still active.  

This is the rough draft of Alexander Lee's bio, this win-loss record does not contain any matches from the Limitless Wrestling series The Road, however the final version will.  

Alexander Lee “Bald Beautiful Bastard of Bangor”           
5’ 10” 220lbs Bangor, Maine

Record: 9 – 15
Shows wrestled on:
September 12, 2015 Stage One City Side Restaurant, Brewer
November 15, 2015 Killin’ & Thrillin American Legion Post 84 Orono
January 30, 2016 Under Fire American Legion Post 84 Orono
March 19, 2016 Don’t Fear The Sleeper American Legion Post 84 Orono
May 28, 2016 No Dropkicks in the Living Room American Legion Post 84 Orono
July 23, 2016 Hook, Line, & Sinker American Legion Post 84 Orono
February 25, 2017 Do What You Love, Fuck The Rest-Fest American Legion Post 84 Orono
March 17, 2017 Hysteria Westbrook Armory
April 28, 2017 Can We Kick It? Portland Club
May 13, 2017 Problematic Westbrook Armory
June 23, 2017 La Kermesse Festival Night 1 St. Louis Field Biddeford
July 21, 2017  Nothing Gold Can Stay Westbrook Armory
September 22, 2017 Question The Answers Westbrook Armory
November 03, 2017 Hybrid Moments Portland Club
January 19, 2018 The World Is Ours Westbrook Armory
March 30, 2018 Only Fools Are Satisfied Westbrook Armory
August 11, 2018 2018 Hollis Pirate Festival Hollis Fire Department
September 08, 2018 2018 Litchfield Fair
September 21, 2018 Pretenders Beware Westbrook Armory
November 30, 2018 No Control Portland Club
January 11, 2019 Snakebitten Westbrook Armory
March 09, 2019 Welcome to the Dance Westbrook Armory
June 23, 2019 La Kermesse Festival Night 2 St. Louis Field Biddeford    
September 06, 2019 Know Your Enemy Portland Expo
October 25, 2019 Fresh Blood AMVets Hall Yarmouth
January 24, 2020 Flirtin’ With Disaster AMVets Hall Yarmouth

Alexander Lee began his wrestling career in 2003 training with Legion Cage at Rampage Pro Wrestling.  Lee also credits “Brutal” Bob Evans & Chris Hamrick with helping to mold him into the wrestler he would become.  His first match was April 23, 2003 under the name Scotty “By God” Vegas, a name he would use for a dozen years.  A veteran and leader of the Maine independent scene Lee has wrestle for almost every promotion that has sprung up in Maine.  In 2004 Lee teaming with Alex Chamberlain were the original Maine State Posse wrestling around the New England region until 2009 when Chamberlain relocated to Florida.  During this run the Original MSP held the NCW Tag Team Championships for 364 days. 

Lee has collected numerous championships during his 17 years in the ring including;

IWE: Independent Wrestling Entertainment
6 time Heavyweight Champion
3 time Tag Team champion with Larry Huntley, Viper the Ninja, & Scott Wild
2011 King of New England Rumble winner

SAW: Slam All-Star Wrestling
Tag Team Championships with Big Vigo

NCW: Northeast Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Champion
2 time New England champion
Tag Team Champion with Alex Chamberlain

PWA: Pro Wrestling America
2 time New England Championship

NAWA: North Atlantic Wresting Association
North Atlantic Champion
Tag Team Championships with Johnny Primer

In 2015 with the launch of Limitless Wrestling, a new name was needed to go along with a new attitude and Alexander Lee was born defeating former UFC MMA fighter “Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil.  At this time DangerKid, having already made his professional wrestling debut in another promotion, was working for Limitless Wrestling as a camera man.  At Killin’ & Thrillin’ DangerKid cost Lee the scramble match.  As Lee was taking his aggression out on DANGERKID, Randy Carver made them a tag team for the next show.  Lee and DangerKid did not succeed as a team at Under Fire.  Lee then brought in a friend of DANGERKID in Aiden Aggro as his protégé to show DANGERKID what he could do for him if he just listened to Lee. At Don’t Fear the Sleeper, Lee & Aggro defeated Kid and Wrecking Ball Lagurksy in tag team competition.  At Hook, Line, & Sinker DangerKid defeated Lee in a Fans Bring the Weapons match at with Aggro hitting Lee with a chair solidifying his loyalty to DangerKid.

Eventually the trio put their differences aside and in early 2016, DangerKid and Aiden Aggro teamed up Lee to reform the Maine State Posse.  At first Lee was in a managerial role, and then was out of commission with an injury.  However, in July 2017 he returned, and the Maine State Posse became a trio with the full support of the fans.  They had several outstanding matches with Tabarnak de Team, Free To Think: Jeff Cannonball, Brandon Kirk, & Casey Katal, and others making six man tag teams a must see match at Limitless events.

At Hybrid Moments Joey Eastman came to the ring offering his services to MSP, which was rejected showing the unity of the trio. However, in early 2018 tensions between the three started coming forward.  Kid & Aggro wanted to strike out on their own whereas Lee didn’t want to dismantle what he had worked so hard in building the Maine State Posse.

After months of speculation, at the 2019 Vacationland Cup, Alexander Lee joined Joey Eastman and Brandon Kirk attacking DANGERKID & Aggro to with his goal to end the Maine State Posse.  This led to a Portland Street Fight at Know Your Enemy where the Maine State Posse defeated Lee and Kirk.  The battle between Kirk and Lee is far from over.
Alexander Lee is also intricate part of ¡Let’s Wrestle! contributing even more to the professional wrestling scene in Maine.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Signed Trading Cards: Tommy Young, Princess Victoria, Nikita Koloff, & Ted Turner

More through the mail success to share with all of you.

Tommy Young

Hands down the greatest referee of all time.  These cards are both from the 1988 NWA Wonderama card set.  I actually had both of these cards signed by Mr. Young, however he had signed them on the back of the cards.  I'm not a fan of cards signed on the back.  So I mailed him these cards again with a gold sharpie asking him to sign the from.  I've VERY pleased with how these turned out.

"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff

Two of the cards of from the 1988 NWA Wonderama card set and the third card is a custom card that he included.  Nikita is one of the all time greats even though his career wasn't very long at nine years.  

Princess Victoria

The card on the left is from the 2017 Topps WWE set and the card on the right is from the 2017 Topps WWE Women's Division set.  These are the only two cards of Princess Victoria that have ever been released.  It would be nice if the picture was different.  I do like the card on the right better because her hair is not lost in the black background.

Trained by Sandy Barr and The Fabulous Moolah, Princess Victoria debuted in 1980 in NWA Pacific Northwest.  Over her career she wrestled all over the NWA Territories as well as the AWA and WWF.  Her final match came after a career ending neck injury in the WWF on September 1, 1984 where she and Velvet McIntyre defended their Women's Tag Team Championship against Despina Montagas & Leilani Kai. 

Ted Turner

Ted Turner doesn't get enough credit for all he did for professional wrestling.  It aired on his TBS Superstation network long before he bought Jim Crockett Promotions, which was in financial peril.  He's responsible for starting the Monday Night Wars when he launched Nitro opposite Monday Night Raw. 
This card is from the 2011 Topps American Pie card set.  You'd think they could have found a better picture.  

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Last Match: Wrestlers that Died in 2019 Part 4

The Last Match post has returned and we are looking at more The Last Match of wrestlers that passed away in 2019.

Alexis Smirnoff 71, February 9, 1947 - January 5, 2019

Last Match: August 9, 1999 Lutte 2000 Montreal, Quebec
The Rougeaus: Jacques Sr, Jacques Jr, & Raymond defeated Alexis Smirnoff, Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin

Born Michel Lamarche in Saint-Lin, Quebec, Canada he began wrestling in Montreal in 1970 becoming a huge heel in the Quebec and the Maritimes.  Starting in 1974 he spent a couple years in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.  In Central States Wrestling he captured their Heavyweight and tag team championships.  He traveled the territories through the end of his career making stops in All Japan, the WWF, and finished his career in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1987.  He came out of retirement for a single match in 1999 teaming with Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin against The Rougeaus: Jacques Sr, Raymond, & Jacques Jr.

Rick Bognar 49, January 16, 1970 - September 20, 2019

Last Match: June 9, 2000 Stampede Wrestling Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Vic Viper defeated Rick Titan

Best known as the fake Razor Ramon during his 1996 - 1997 WWF run, Bognar debuted in the Canadian indies in 1988.  1991 saw him go to Japan's FMW at Big Titan capturing the Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship and tag team championships with The Gladiator Mike Awesome.  He also wrestled for CWA in Germany, ECW, AAA, & New Japan before retiring full time in 2000.

Alberto Munoz 76, January 15, 1943 - December 14, 2019

Last Match: January 11, 1980 Universal Wrestling Alliance Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico
Enrique Vera & Alberto Munoz defeated Barbaro Roman & Lobo Rubio

Debuting in 1964 for EMLL capturing the Mexican National Lightweight, Middleweight, and Welterweight championships, he was also a former NWA World Welterweight champion.  He left lucah libre in the early 1980's.

Mr. Niebla 46, February 22, 1973 - December 23, 2019

Last Match: October 20, 2019 CMLL Mexico City, Mexico
El' Terrible & Le Pesta Negra: Mr. Niebla & Rey Bucanero defeated Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., & Dulce Gardenia 2 falls to 1

Born in Mexico City, Mexico he debuted in lucha libre on November 11, 1990. From 1995 until the end of his career he primarily wrestled for CMLL, save 2007-08 when he left the promotion for Lucha Libre AAA.  He won several championships in CMLL including their Heavyweight Championship holding the championship for 543 days.  He passed away unexpectedly from a blood infection.

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