Friday, September 28, 2018

Signed Trading Cards: Anthony Greene, Jesicka Havok, Sami Callihan, & More

On this post we take a look at some of the cards I got signed in person at Limitless Wrestling's 3rd Anniversary show Pretenders Beware on September 21, 2018 in Westbrook, Maine.  You can read my live report about the show here.

"Retro Sexual" Anthony Greene
This card was put out in 2018 by Superstars of the Squared Circle, you can buy the whole set from them on there website here.  I bought this from AG direct, it also features his Platinum Hunnies and I got all three to sign it. 

Jessicka Havok
This card is part of the 2017 Stardom Collection trading cards.  I have her other card signed as well, you can see that on this post here.  Once again Jessicka commented that she didn't know this card existed. 

Sami Callihan
The card on the left was released by Pro Wrestling Crate in 2018, but I bought this on from Sami at the show.  The card on the right is from the PWG BOLA 2017 fan made set.

Brian Cage
This card was released in 2017 as part of the PWG BOLA fan made set.

Brody King
This card was released in 2018 as part of the PWG BOLA fan made set.

Zema Ion / DJ Z
The card on the left was released in 2012 by Tristar as part of the Impact Wrestling Reflexxions set.  The card on the right is part of the PWG BOLA 2018 fan made set.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Limitless Wrestling 3rd Anniversary Show Live Report

Friday September 21st Limitless Wrestling presented their Third Anniversary show Westbrook National Guard Armory.  With a crowd of close to 500 in attendance the wrestlers this night delivered us a show that is one of the best in Limitless history.

I took my son Canaan and we met up with Mikey, Roy, Bradford, Phil, and numerous other associates that I know from going to shows.  Tonight was my triumphant return to Limitless due to work, medical issues, and being out of town I haven't been to Limitless since January.  That is simply not acceptable

I wore my Evil Dead t-shirt and right after walking in saw another hip cat wearing and Evil Dead shirt.  So much like motorcyclist passing each other on the road are honor bound to wave to each other, I gave a knowing point and "nice shirt" compliment.  He returned the gesture and then added, "hey are you the guy I'm trading cards with?"  indeed I was.

See after the Limitless trading cards came out in July I had posted about trading cards as I was looking for an Allie Kat, this fella who has excellent taste in movies, and I agreed to swap my extras American Destroyers for his extra Allie Kat.  The days leading up to this show I couldn't recall who I had agreed to trade with and couldn't find the post but brought the card just in case.  It worked out well.

During the pre-show I was able to get several cards signed including buying one from Sami Calliahn that I didn't have.  After signing the card he gave me a knowing point and said "nice shirt" and I returned the favor as he too was wearing an Evil Dead themed shirt.  Between the pre and post show and intermission I added 19 signed cards to the collection.  I'll post a blog about them another time.

Let's get to the action:

"Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson pinned "The Machine" Brian Cage with the pazuzu bomb

Fantastic opening match, I think Cage is even bigger than the last time I saw him.  He really is a fucking machine.  This guys beat the crap out of each other and tossed each other around the ring like it was nothing.  Dickinson hit the Pazuzu bomb for the three count.

Christian Casanova with Stokely Hathaway pinned Kevin Blackwood

Casanova has really improved since I first saw him back in 2014 in Fairfield, Maine.  The addition of Stokely has been great for Casanova.  My first time seeing Blackwood but I had been told that he had been tearing it up in the scrambles and he seems like a really cool guy in twitter.

Courtesy of Harry Aaron
Courtesy of Harry Aaron
A lot of tremendous and back and forth, these guys seemed really evenly matched.  Blackwood had it won by Stokely pulled the ref, Tony P out of the ring and tried to blame it on Jessica in the front row.  Tony P was having none of it.  On another distraction by Stokely, Casanova rolled up Blackwood for the school boy pin with a handful of tights.  We need a return match.

Maine State Posse: Alexander Lee, Aiden Aggro, & Danger Kid defeated Free To Think: Jeff Cannonball, Brandon Kirk, & Kasey Catal with Joey Eastman

If the Posse lose they must split up in Limitless and if they win then Joey Eastman is banned from Limitless.  They won.

MSP is super over here in Limitless, the crowd reaction for their entrance was loud, and when they got the win, the place erupted, loudest pop I can recall hearing in that building.  Mike McCarthy was originally the third man in Free to Think but was replaced by Kasey Catal.

Courtesy of Philster
This match was wild and all over the floor with train wreck after train wreck and figgin loved it!  Alexander Lee did a trust fall off top rope wiping everyone out, Danger Kid suplex Kasey Catal off the top rope to the floor onto the other four, we got a six person overheard suplex on the floor.

Catal was a little spitfire out there taking it and dishing it out like no one business, I'm glad she was in it!  Finish came when MSP hit their finish on Jeff Cannonball pinning him.

I really would have like to have the chance to chat with Brandon Kirk at intermission to talk about some of his death matches.

Post Match: Joey Eastman was trying to go to the back and was cut off by MSP who literally carried him to the exit door and tossed him from the building.

Colt Cabana pinned "Retro-Sexual" Anthony Greene with the Platinum Hunnies

This was awesome!  It's my first time seeing AG's new entrance with the Hunnies and I love it.  My son didn't even recognize him he looks that different.  He and Colt had a really fun match with great comedy bits, with Colt's flirtatious moves with the Hunnies backfired on him for a bit before he regained the upper hand and got the win with his superman pin.  This was my favorite Colt Cabana match I have seen in person to date.

I just want to add that this persona and this match just shows the great range that AG has in repertoire.  And I think he's only 22 or 23, I really can't wait to see where he ends up in the next 5 years, it's only a matter of time before he's starts heading out of the country to wrestle.

Courtesy of Philster
Pro Wrestling Revolver Open Invite Scramble Champions: Ace Austin defeated Sami Callihan, Jessicka Havok, Mick Moretti, Daniel Garcia, and Matt Cross

The sixth competitor was a surprise, Bret Domino came out but was ushered to the back by officials, it was hilarious.  Then Matt Cross came out as the actual surprise entrant.  This was the fifth match of the night and it too was tremendous.

It was first time seeing Daniel Garcia and he one I would love to see Limitless bring back.  Initially he didn't seem to have much of a personality but at the match went on it really came to the forefront, he's an asshole.  I genuinely thought for sure he was going win the championship.

Some great moments in the match with Callihan demanded a kiss from Havok and she punched him the mouth.  Jessicka Havok asking Matt Cross if he was Son of Havok (his gimmick in Lucha Underground) which lead to a mother/son reunion mid ring, never mind the fact that Cross is a half dozen years older that Havok.)  Garcia hit Havok from behind to which Cross yelled, "don't hit my mom!"

Courtesy of Philster
Garcia had Moretti in a Texas cloverleaf and ate some kicks from Callihan that had no affect.  They then traded blows in the center of the ring, it was awesome.  Prior to that Garcia nailed a devastating backbreaker on Moretti setting up the cloverleaf.

Austin pinned Callihan to retain.

Josh Briggs pinned Brody King

These two big guys were just laying them in on each other.  Some sick suplexs and surprising agility.  I really dug it.

Post Match: Briggs cut a promo about wanting to challenge anyone in the back.  Brett Domino answered the call, cut a good promo, and then was destroyed by Briggs.  Chris Dickinson then came out, pazuzu bombed the hell out of Domino and accepted Briggs challenge for the next show.

Kris Stadtlander & Davienne defeated Ashley Vox & Willow Nightingale

The story here is that Stadtlander is angry with Vox for stealing her glory a couple of times in the past during matches.  Stadtlander even beat up Vox's sister when at the Hollis Pirate Festival Limitless show in August.  Great match with Stadtlander unleashing her fury on Vox and Nightingale until she eventually got the pin on Vox.

Courtesy of Philster

Courtesy of Philster

Post Match: Anthony Greene came out and superkicked Vox who was still in the ring.  AG started cutting a promo about losses and how'd been undefeated for 2.5 years but never finished because Willow jumped in the ring and AG ran.

Austin Theory with Stokely Hathaway pinned DJ-Z with Ataxia

Damn, just Damn.  My first singles match with Theory and I was blown away.  Both of these guys simply killed it.  This was my favorite match of the night and considering the matches that we got tonight that is saying something.

Theory pulled off some very impressive offense that you just have to see to believe.  One combination he his DJ Z with a diving clothesline into the corner allowing his momentum to carry him over the top rope, he tripped Z onto his back and hit him with a slingshot stomp to the chest, grabbed Z's left hand pulling him to his feet right into a vertical suplex in a matter of seconds.

His finisher that he calls Ataxia, I haven't seen anything like it before.  It looks like it sets up like a side russian leg sweep and ends in the same position as Pete Dunne's bitter end.  Wicked friggin cool looking.

Wet Hot American Street Fight: Thick Boys: John Silver & Jay Freddie defeated Whiskey Dick: "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson & Dick Justice

So this match happened.  A lot of people there seemed to really like it, it's just not my flavor of wrestling.

Ace Romero pinned JT Dunn with a clothesline

This match didn't disappoint! The went at it hard and really laid it into each other inside and outside the ring.  The match felt a bit short to me as Ace ducked a death by elbow and leveled Dunn with a clothesline for the pin.

Post Match: The sally port door opened and a car pulled into the building, standing on the hood was the masked man who cut a promo about how Limitless Wrestling dropped the ball with him and after months away he was both to destroy the promotion.  He unmasked and revealed himself to be MJF, big pop from the crowd.  He sent his masked henchmen to the ring where Dunn turned on Romero attacking him from behind with a death by elbow.  MJF and Dunn hugged then got in the car backing out of the building with MJF yelling I'm better than you as the car sped away.

A damn impressive show that finished with a bang!

Limitless returns to the Portland Club November 30th with "Mr. Fun Size" Marko Stunt, Darby Allin, and Josh Briggs vs. Chris Dickinson.  Tickets on sale October 8th. 

The Portland Club isn't my favorite venue, it's too small for the crowd that Limitless draws and the lighting is terrible for me to take pictures.  So completely selfish reasons.

Check out Harry Aaron's page here

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