Thursday, November 26, 2020

Signed Trading Cards: Faby Apache

I'm very excited to share these cards with you.  I'm a huge fan of Faby Apache and had the tremendous pleasure of meeting her in New York at WrestleCon in 2019.  At that time I did get three cards signed by her.  Earlier this year I got my hands on a box of the 2019 Panini AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide trading cards and in that set there were three Faby Apache trading cards. 

I mailed these cards to Faby on July 24, 2020, she received them on October 16th, she mailed them back on October 27th and I got them on November 19th.  It's amazing how much longer they took to get to her in Mexico than it took for them to get to me.  She told me that the Mexico post office is notoriously slow, she was correct.  

This card is the sets base card.

This is from the Campeonatos or Championship subset.  In AAA Faby Apache has held the Reina de Reinas, Campeonato en Parejas Mixtas AAA, and Campeonato De Tercias AAA titles. 

This is from the Mascara vs Cabellera or Mask vs. Hair subset.  In her career five of these matches four of them in AAA winning three of the matches.  

These are the cards that I got signed by her in New York.

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