Thursday, May 20, 2021

Signed Cards: Finn Balor, Dakota Kai, & Jeff Hardy

In this post we look at some more through the mail success from this year.

Finn Balor

The first card is from the 2011 Baseball Magazine (BBM) Champions set.  The middle card is from the 2017 Topps Heritage set, and the third card is dated Topps 2018 and is number P-12, along with a bio it advertises looking for 2019 Topps cards.  I don't know where I got it.  

I mailed these to the performance center on March 11, 2021 and got them back on April 5th.  Balor's signature isn't the greatest, but he is consistent with it.

Dakota Kai

This card is from the 2019 Topps Women's Division card set.  I mailed it to the Performance center on March 19, 2021 and got it back on April 21st.  

Jeff Hardy

The card on the left is from the 2003 Fleer WrestleMania XIX card set, the card on the right from the 2010 Tristar TNA New Era card set, it is also Hardy's TNA Debut card.  I mailed these on March 2, 2021 and got them back on May 1st.  

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