Saturday, May 29, 2021

Limitless Dojo Student Showcase May 28, 2021

After a long week at work it was nice on Friday to meet up with Mikey and head north for the 4th consecutive month to attend the Limitless Dojo Showcase. 

Once again we had a Chick-Fil-A drive in dinner, this place always does a fantastic job getting the long line through the drive thru quickly and effectively.  After dinner we checked out both Wal-Mart and Target for Mikey's figure hunt with nothing found.  Earlier in the day before we met up, Mikey stopped at the Target in Augusta where he located the Lawler and Volkoff figures.

We got into the show early because for the first time I was selling my book, "Limitless Wrestling: The First Five Years" in person at a show.  I sold 12 copies of the Black and White and the Five copies of the color that I brought.  

Honestly I am completely humbled that I sold that many and how well received the book as been.  I worked very hard on it for over a year and it's appreciated whenever anyone comments that they like my work.  I'm taking all the proceeds from tonight to replenish my supply for Limitless return in Yarmouth.

Tonight was the biggest crowd for a Dojo show because the indoor capacity and mask mandate was lifted effective May 24th.  Mikey and I sat front row off on the side away from everyone, which we felt more comfortable with.

It was great night of wrestling but before we get to the matches, let take a moment to recognize referee Eric Greenleaf who officiated every match on the card.  Not just tonight but at every Student Showcase. 

Ace Romero vs “Belfast Bulldog” Dave Dyer

Ace dominated the opening of the match punishing Dyer for costing him the match against Eric Johnson at last months show. Dyer made a comeback, but in the end Ace came out top getting the pin after a massive lariat. Post match Romero challenged that "Jivin' Jimmy Motherfucker" to a come out, however Alec Price made his entrance for his match.

“The Prize” Alec Price with Howitson Davis III vs Myung Jae Lee

An outstanding contest between Price and the debuting Lee. Myung Jae and few other tonight are from the Grapplers Anonymous school in Buffalo, New York where Limitless Champion Daniel Garcia trains. I was thorough impressed Lee and would love to see him come back.

This just might have been the match of the night, along with the Main Event. Lots high impact offense from both guys, with Lee almost getting the win on several occasions, however the Prize City OG got the pin after his busta kick.

Vinnie Moon vs “The Dyad” Sebastian Braun

Both students from Grapplers Anonymous, they had an excellent match with both shinning at times. I could see them both coming back in the future for more Dojo or Let's Wrestle cards. Moon reminded a bit of Curt Stallion. Moon got the pin after a uranage variation.

Adam Booker vs Jeremiah Richter with Howitson Davis III

Booker wanted Price but HD3 brought out his new charge, from Grapplers Anonymous Jeremiah Richter. Richter is a big guy, he's still finding his feet and how to take advantage of his 6 foot 6 advantage. On this night though the veteran Adam Booker go the submission victory with the Texas clover leaf.

Brian Milonas vs “Main Attraction” Mac Daniels

Milonas, the ROH star making having his first match in Maine since November 2018 at the ROH/New Japan show in Lewiston. This was his first match in front of a crowd of any size since February 2020. Milonas dominated the opening of the match until Daniels chop blocked his leg taking the big man off his feet and working him over for a while. Milonas battled back and got the pin after and earthquake splash.

Alexander Lee & “Dweller of the Depths” Dylan Nix vs “Big Cat” Tyler Adams and Konnor Hex

Lee's feud with Adams continued for the third straight show, this time a tag team affair with Dylan Nix and Konnor Hex joining the fray.  Adams wanted to get his hands on Lee from the get go, but Lee tagged Nix in denying Adams his chance.  Eventually the two did square off and when the referee's back was turned Lee got into his Magic Murder Box, wrapping a chainsaw blade around his fist striking Adams in the face scoring the three count. 

Eric Johnson with Dave Dyer vs Perry Von Vicious

Johnson was originally slated to wrestle Malik Logan tonight, who was unable to attend the show. Johnson assumed he was going to have the night off, however Let's Wrestle GM Johnny Torres advised him that an opponent had indeed signed to fight Johnson.

Perry Von Vicious made his way to the ring. Johnson had Dyer at ringside constantly attacking Perry while Johnson distracted the referee. Johnson got the pin after a tiger driver. Ace ran out into the ring and wild pull apart brawl erupted leading to the locker room clearing to separate the two.

Kirby Whackerman vs Jessie Nolan

Whackerman seemed to take all of Nolan's offense like it was joke, even when it was effective and hurt him.  This frustrated Nolan who, after hitting eat da feet and a spear and Whackerman kicked out, was screaming at referee Eric Greenleaf in the corner when she was rolled up for the three count.  

MSP: Aiden Aggro & DangerKid vs The Competition: Champ Mathews & Connor Murphy

Excellent match between two of Maine's all time top tag teams. I would love to see this without the roof height restrictions. Both teams dominated at times during the match, both teams are very polished and have very effective double team maneuvers. Personally I was rooting for The Competition to get the win, but MSP hit their finish on Murphy picking up the win.

This was the fourth match between the teams, with MSP have a 3 - 1 lead. I feel this feud is a long way from being over

It was a great night of wrestling and it's always fun to go to the matches.  A return date for the Limitless Dojo Student Showcase was not announced.  However earlier in the day It was announced that Limitless would be returning to the AMVets in Yarmouth, Maine on June 26th, the entire card will be a mystery.  I cannot for this show! 

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