Thursday, May 6, 2021

Book: Limitless Wrestling: First Five Years NOW AVAILABLE!

My new book, Limitless Wrestling: The First Five Years is now live on Amazon and available for order!  In fact on May 5, 2021 it ranked as high as number 3 for Amazon Best Sellers in the Wrestling Book category!

The book is over 400 pages and features over 200 images between photographs and graphics from show posters.  It has profiles of over 300 wrestlers that have competed in a Limitless ring as well as profiles of ring announcers, managers, and referees.  Results, win/loss records, and interesting facts as well as fan reviews of every Limitless show and more.

This book is a passion project that took me a year to complete.  I went back and re-watched shows, listened to the Limitless podcast, as well as other podcasts, to gather information about shows, wrestlers, and more.  I want to thank Randy Carver for answering my enormous amount of questions over the last several months.  I want to thank all the wrestlers that I reached out too via email, Twitter, and Facebook for responding to my numerous questions so I could write their profiles as accurately as possible.   I want to thank the photographers, both professional and amateur that allowed me to use their photos in this book. 

This book is self published using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.  I wrote this book and did all the layout and cover design and had help with editing by my buddy Brandon.  It is available in two version, Black and White and Color with the Color editions are on premium white paper. You can find them on Amazon at the links below.  

On Amazon the B&W is $15.95 and the Color is $54.95.  However I will be selling the B&W copies in person at all Limitless shows that I attend for $15.00 and if someone wants a signed copy from me $5 additional for shipping.  

The color editions I will be selling for $40 in person, and $5 additional for shipping.  As I used Amazon to print the books in order to publish them I have to set the price a certain percentage above the printing cost, at $54.95 I make 18 cents royalty.  The printing cost is over $30.  If you would like a color copy they are print to order and it takes 2.5 to 3 weeks for them to arrive to me before I can then ship it to you.  You can email me or reach me at my social media's to order. 

Black and White Edition

Color Edition

These images are from my proof copy of the book, yours will not have the gray line across the cover.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment, check out my other posts, and if you want like my blogs Facebook page.  You can also head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of my new book Limitless Wrestling: The First Five Years, or any of my other books as well.  

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