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The Last Match: The Hart Family

Time for another edition of The Last Match!  In this post I look at the famous Hart Family.  I already covered Bret "Hitman" Hart and Owen Hart in previous Last Match blog posts but I will be including them here as well.

Let's get to it!

Stu Hart
July 25, 1986 Stampede Wrestling Calgary, Alberta, Canada
with Keith Hart defeated Honky Tonk Wayne and JR Foley

The patriarch of the Hart family Stu began wrestling in 1946 for Toots Mondt in New York.  He first began promoting matches in 1948 with Klondike Wrestling in Edmonton.  After a couple name changes he settled with Stampede Wrestling in 1967 promoting until 1989.  Stu passed away October 16, 2003 at the age of 88.

Smith Hart
May 24, 2013 Pure Wrestling Association Lefroy, Ontario, Canada
defeated Mad Braddock

The first born Hart child Smith began wrestling in 1973 for his father's promotion.  Smith would travel around the world wrestling for promotions in Japan, England, Germany, and Puerto Rico through-out his career.  Smith had stopped wrestling regularly in the early 80's returning to the ring for a single match in 1986, 2011, and 2013.  He passed away July 2, 2017 at the age of 68.

Bruce Hart
May 12, 2012 Real Canadian Wrestling Bashaw, Alberta, Canada
with Heavy Metal & Tommy Lee Curtis was defeated by Andrew Hawks, Kid Kash, & Teddy Hart in a no disqualification match.

The second child of Helen and Stu Hart, Bruce was the first one to step into the ring in 1972 after beginning his training in 1971.  He too would travel around the world wrestling but returned to Calgary promoting Stampede Wrestling from 1985 - 1989 and again in 1999 - 2005.

Although he made several appearances in the WWE over the years his only official match in a WWE ring was on November 24, 1993 at the Survivor Series in Boston teaming with brothers Bret, Owen, & Keith against Shawn Michaels and his Knights.  Bruce had stopped wrestling regularly in 2003 returning for a single match in 2011 & 2012.

Keith Hart
July 9, 2000 Athletik Club Wrestling, Weinheim, Germany
with Eric Schwarz & Ulf Hermann was defeated by Chris The Bambikiller, Michael Kovac, & Mr. Natural Wonder

Keith debuted in mid 1973 for Stampede Wrestling.  He competed regularly until 1988 taking several years off from the ring before returning at the 1993 Survivor Series.  He competed semi regularly until his last match.

Wayne Hart
February 27, 1988 Stampede Wrestling Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
with Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, & Jason The Terrible lost to Akam Sigh, Gerry Morrow, Steve DiSalvo, & Makhan Singh in a Bunkhouse Tag Team Match

Wayne began wrestling in 1972 and was primarily a referee however he did wrestler.  I can't find much about Wayne on the internet.

Dean Hart
I read on line about Dean Wrestling and refereeing for a short time, however I cannot find any record of an actual match.  He debuted in 1973 for Stampede Wrestling also competing in the Amarillo Territory and in Hawaii for Peter Maivia.  He promoted music concerts at his father's beach in Clearwater.  He passed away November 21, 1990.

Bret "Hitman" Hart
January 10, 2000 WCW Nitro Buffalo, NY Marine Midland Arena
wrestled Kevin Nash to a no contest

September 12, 2011 WWE Monday Night Raw Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Scotiabank Place
with John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

Ross Hart
March 19, 2005 StampedeWrestling Cardson, Alberta, Canada
as Rory Hunter was defeated by Apocalypse

Debuting in 1985 for Stampede Wrestling he competed under the rings names of Ross Hart and Ross Lindsey.  He worked as enhancement talent for the WWE in 1990's and toured the United Kingdom in the 1980's and 1990's.  He also has promoted several shows under the Stampede banner into the 2000's.

Owen Hart
WWF House Show, Chicago, IL Rosemont Horizon May 22, 1999
Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge & Christian when Owen pinned Christian
Died May 23, 1999 from injuries suffered after falling from the catwalk at the Over the Edge PPV he was 34 years old

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