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Limitless Wrestling: Nothing Gold Can Stay Live Report 7/21/2017

Friday night July 21, 2017 Limitless Wrestling returned to the Westbrook Armory for "Nothing Gold Can Stay" that drew another great attendance for the promotion. It was extremely hot in the building this evening, 85 degrees outside and much hotter inside.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman submitted Sami Callihan

It was a good opener, I like both of these guys.  They did an injury angle and Callihan sold it well showing remorse, apologizing to the fans saying he'd come back.  Freidman oversold it with near fake crying that basically screamed I'm faking this.

Friedman snapped Callihan's arm over the rope while faking the injury and then worked the arm for the rest of the match leading to a very surprising submission victory.

Six Way Scramble: Jon Silver defeated "Mind Eraser" Mike Graca, Mr. Grim, Bear Bronson, "New Age Enforcer" James Drake, & Xavier Bell 
This started with two guys in the ring and the other four in corner awaiting a tag.  It quickly broke down to what I thought a scramble is.  It was my first time seeing Bronson and Drake in person.  I was really impressed Drake, his ability inside the ring, how he can move for a guy his size, and his look.

Silver was the star of the match showing some impressive strength german suplexing Bronson whilst he was holding him in a fireman's carry.  I was surprised that after the finish Grim didn't body bag anyone.

Texas Bullrope Match: "Top Shelf" Troy Nelson defeated Wee BL with Syndey Bakabella 
This was advertised at Sydney Bakabella Giant taking on Nelson.  For those that don't recall Bakabella has brought in several wrestlers to take on Nelson in hopes of taking him out.  Nelson has defeated Kikutaru, Dick Justice, & Colt Cabana to date.

Apparently Bakabella did not do proper research as when he thought he was bringing in JBL to challenge Nelson he ended up with Wee BL.  The match itself was lots of comedy, one spot had the rope wrapped around Nelson and when Wee BL pulled on the rope it caused Nelson to hit himself in the face.

The finish was botched, Nelson had hit three corners and has the was going to the forth Wee BL picked up Nelson on his shoulders and walked him across the ring dropping him face first in the top turnbuckle and the referee called for the bell.  The match should not have ended as you have to hit all four turnbuckles in order, essentially Nelson touched turnbuckles 1, 2, 3, and 2.

Bakabella announced that on September 22nd he's bringing in Swoggle to face Nelson.

XWA Champion: Anthony Henry submitted Flip Gordon
I was pretty excited about this match because it had loads of potential and I was not disappointed.

Both guys are pretty evenly matched with Flip's aerial offense and Henry's mat based submission style.  Henry got the submission with a variation of the Regal Stretch that was visually very impressive.

Donovan Dijak pinned Josh Briggs
This is Dijak's finaly match in Limitless Wrestling as he has signed a deal with WWE and is no longer accepting indy bookings.  Dijak got a good send off from the Limitless faithful including the streamer treatment.

My first time seeing Josh Briggs in person, he has not been wrestling long, less than a year but he is already wicked good.  He's a big man himself near 6 foot 7 and he can move!  It was a very good back and for match, not your typical big man match as both of these guys don't lumber around the ring.

Dijak got the win after hitting feast your eyes.  Post match he put over Briggs as being a the next big man in wrestling and the future of Limitless.

At intermission Fenix came out, he didn't arrive until after the show started.  I got both my cards signed a picture with him.  Also I got my Sami Callihan's cards signed and my picture with him.  I snagged a photo with James Drake too.

Le Tabarnak de Team: Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois and Buxx Belmar defeated Maine State Posse: Aidan Agro, Danger Kid, & Alexander Lee
This match was awesome!  I enjoyed Le Tabarnak de Team during their last appearance in May, this performance tonight cemented me as a fan of theirs.  Maine State Posse got their normal big reaction as these guys are tremendous fan favorites.  However, something happened part way through the match, almost like Rocky overcoming the partisan Russian fans against Ivan Drago, Tabarnak de Team started getting cheers as the match drew to an end.

On spot in particular, which was awesome saw one member of TDT piledrove Danger Kid onto Alexander Lee who was then hit with two top rope moves from the other members of the team and Lee kicked out.  I was surprised at how much the fans booed when he did.  I get it, it seemed like that should have been the finish of the match if he kicks out of that what won't he.  The answer was when Thomas Dubois got the pin on Lee after an SOS Moonsault.  DAMN!

Both teams looked great in the match and I would love to see a return match between them.

JT Dunn pinned Super Crazy
Really good match.  Crazy looked in excellent shape from the last time I remember seeing him.  It was kind of surreal as I never thought I'd see Super Crazy in the ring here in Maine.  It just seems so random to me.  It was a fun match with Crazy getting the majority of the offense in before eating a couple elbows that lead to the pin.

Luke Robinson pinned Cam Zigami w/ Mike Gamble
Good back and forth match with these two evenly matched competitors.  The finish came when Tyler Nitro made a surprise appearance causing the distraction leading to Robinson nailing the superkick for the pin.

Post match Nitro and Zigami had a pull apart, Zigami announced that they will meet in a match on September 22nd at the two year anniversary.

AR Fonix: AR Fox & Rey Fenix defeated Take Me Home Tonight: "All Good" Anthony Greene & Ace Romero when Fox pinned Romero

Fantastic match!  The crowd was solidly behind Greene and Romero, and they wanted to cheer Fenix but had no issues booing Fox.  Fenix is so damn fast, he'd throws the kicks out with amazing quickness!  Also the height he gets in the ring and the way he glides through the air is impressive!

Much to my surprise and most others, Fenix and Fox got the win when Fox pinned Romero.  This actually ties Romero and Fox with two pinfalls each over the other.  Greene did not take to kindly to being handed his first defeat ever in Limitless Wrestling blaming Ace for being distracted.

The two went at each other with the locker room separating them.  Brian Fury came to the ring, saying he was disappointed in them both.  He said on September 22nd they would face each other and he would be the special guest referee.

Limitless Wrestling returns to Westbrook at the Armory on Friday September 22nd for their two year anniversary show.  Announced so far:
Jack Swagger 
"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson vs. Swoggle w/ Sydney Bakabella
"All Good" Anthony Greene vs. Ace Romero
Cam Zigami w/ Mike Gamble vs. Tyler Nitro

I predict that Swagger will face JT Dunn

Limitless put on another great show in front of some very appreciative and hot fans.  It was nice when after intermission they opened the sally port door and left it up, it really cooled it down in their. 

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Rey Fenix

Sami Callihan

"New Age Enforcer" James Drake

Super Crazy

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