Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The Cost of Being A Wrestling Fan: May 2024

 Here are my May expenses:

In the Month of May I spent the least on my wrestling passion.

The bulk of the total, $220 when towards getting some NWA Wonderama cards signed at 80's Wrestling Con in New Jersey.  I did not attend myself, however I did have a buddy that got them signed for me.  I'll go over those cards in another post.

I only went to 1 wrestling show in May, Let's Wrestle in Fairfield, I took both of my sons, hence the $60 in tickets.  Only spend $24.88 on gas and snacks after the show as we ate dinner at home before we went.  I was supposed to go to Limitless on the 18th but work got in the way and I missed the show.

I spent $12.48 on two NWA Wonderama trading cards to get signed in June.  I had prepaid for two signatures in March but a storm cancelled his flight, this is the make up signing.  I ended up mailing him 3 cards, these two and one signed by Arn Anderson.  

The remaining expenses $35.24 are my streaming services for wrestling.

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