Sunday, October 14, 2018

IWE Results October 12, 2018 Fairfield, Maine

Results are courtesy of Mike Poulin, photos courtesy of Philster


Big Raff pinned Bobby Landell

Main Card

"Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams defeated Roadblock

Viper the American Ninja beat Johnny Primer

Livewire Champion: Billy Vaux defeated BF Summers

In Ring: Sonny Roselli announces that on November 9th when IWE returns to Fairfiled, he and Big Raff will be challenging for the Street for the IWE Tag Team Championships

Mason X & Blade Bandit defeated Triple Crown Champion: Jason Rumble in a 2 on 1 handicapped match

"Flash" Nick McKenna pinned Frank Jaeger

In Ring: The Captain announced that Rumble would defend his Triple Crown Championship against Wesley Pipes next month

The Captain defeated John "The Bomb" Bryar in a Taped Fist First Blood Match that was very short

In Ring: Beavis Maye, on behalf of the Bomb, challenged Mason X to a cage match on November 9th when IWE returns to Fairfield

You can check out the rest of Philsters photo's here

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