Friday, June 29, 2018

Wrestler on TV Shows: The 50's & 60's

This is the first of a series of posts talking about wrestles on TV shows.

Adventures of Superman
Season 1 Episode 11 No Holds Barred
Aired November 28, 1952

Bad Luck Brannigan a wrestler working for a crooked promoter uses a hold called the paralyzer to cripple opponents.  Clark teaches a young college wrestler who challenged Brannigan to a match how to counter the paralyzer.

Although actors played both Brannigan and Wayne his opponent is former wrestler Henry Kulky turned actor plays The Crusher in this episode. 

Mr. Ed
Season 2 Episode 12 The Wrestler
Aired January 7, 1962

Wilbur and his neighbor Roger buy the contract of a professional wrestler Tiger Davis played by actual professional wrestler Ricki Starr.  In real life Ricki Starr was also an accomplished ballet dancer which comes into play during the episode as his character Tiger Davis takes up ballet with Wilbur and Roger's wives.

They show a wrestling match that Wilbur and Roger watched billed as Tiger Davis vs Apache Kid.  In reality it was an actual match of Ricki Star vs. Frank Fozo.

Hawaii 5-0
Season 2 Episode 5: Savage Sunday
Aired October 29, 1969

I copied this from IMDB: A group of revolutionaries from a Latin American country have entered Hawaii illegally, raided an armory and stolen weapons and ammunition. Their leader is wounded and captured by McGarrett but his men manage to whisk him away from the hospital where he is being held. However, the leader, who has lost a lot of blood, will die without further medical attention. Five-O attempts to recapture the leader and stop the weapons from leaving Hawaii.

Nick Bockwinkel guest starred in the episode as a guy named Harry.  I have no idea what he does, I can't find the episode streaming.

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