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Limitless Wrestling: Who Watches the Watchmen results 10/29/2016

Once again the troops rallied for another pro wrestling adventure.  This time around Canaan, Alex, Mikey and Myself headed north to Orono for Limitless Wrestling's Who Watches the Watchmen.  This show was part of the Bangorefest Horror Convention so instead of the usually American Legion Hall it was at the University of Maine Orono campus.  Roy, Josh, and Cheryl met us there.  An added bonus was that JD made the drive from Vermont.  I hadn't seen him since Boston Pro Wrestling Marathon back in 2015.

"All Good" Anthony Greene vs. "Slyck" Wagner Brown
I first saw Slyck back in 1998, but the last few years only sporadically.  SWB still looks good in the ring as he and Greene had a great match.

The opening was explosive as SWB hit Greene with a face bump splash mountain as Greene was posing to the crowd during his entrance.  Solid match with great back and forth action.  Greene picked up the win to continue his undefeated streak in Limitless Wrestling.

House of Glory Champion: Anthony Gangone vs. Xavier Bell
Started off as a methodical mat based match with both men exchanging holds.  Action picked up along the way and Bell got a three count to win the title.

After the fact the ref saw that Gangone's foot was under the bottom rope and restarted the match, which lead to a low blow and a win for Gangone.

 Good match, I like both of these guys but I'm a huge fan of Xavier Bell.  I want to see them both come back.

Anything Goes
The Tenacious Two: Scotty Wild & Johnny Torres w/ Maximum Mecca vs. Maine State Posse: Aiden Argo & Danger Kid
Wild Texas tornado style match with action spilling all around the ringside area.  Over the last year the Posse have worked so hard to improve and get better in the ring.  I would say they are the two top new talent in Maine.  Wild and Torres got the win when Wild was holding both members of the Posse and Torres nailed a double foot stomp.

On  a side note, I've seen Wild wrestle for years as both a face and a heel and I've enjoyed him in the ring. But something he did tonight was plain a simple a dick move.  When the Tenacious Two were making their entrance my buddy Alex put his fist up to them for a fist bump and Wild spit on his own hand and smacked it down on Alex's splattering his spit.  That wasn't Wild "being a heel" that was Wild being an asshole and I don't have any respect for him anymore.

Over the Top Rope and Under the Table Challenge
"Top Shelf" Troy Nelson vs. "Dirt Dawg" Jeremy Leary
Essentially in this match if you are thrown over the top rope and when both feet touch the floor, you have to take a shot.  So the after several times of them each having to take a shot Nelson threw the referee out of the ring, then Anthony Greene, then Xavier Bell, and a couple other guys, and finally the underage Skylar who all had to take shots.

Suddenly Leary grabbed the mic and demanded the music to be hit, which lead to a "Don't Stop Believing" Journey sing-a-long, the entire song.  It was pretty amazing!
My favorite part through, once they were done Nelson rolled up Leary for a three count.

Champ Matthews vs. "Tower of Power" Mark Moment
I was really looking forward to this match an unfortunately after a few minutes of action Moment wasn't able to continue and the match ended.  I guess you could call it a no contest.

There was one spot in the match that blew me away.  Matthew was on the canvas in the corner when Moment grabbed his ankles and pulled him up into a piledriver position executing the move.

Champ Matthews vs. "All Good" Anthony Greene
Because of how abruptly the previous match ended the promoter sent Anthony Greene to the ring for an impromptu match.

They went about five minutes in an fast paced match with Greene wrestling in his sweat pants and sneakers.  Greene continued his winning ways getting the win with a Canadian destroyer piledriver.

Sadly this was Champ Matthews return to the ring and his last match.  The night didn't go as he planned, but I'm glad I was there to see it.

Adam Booker vs. Ace Romero
I saw these guys battle this past May for Pro Wrestling Society in Portland and that was awesome!  This match was even better.

First off Adam Booker is so good in the ring and he needs to be booked at every Limitless show without hesitation. These two guys tore it up in a hard hitting match that spilled around the ring.  Booker hitting a german suplex on Romero is impressive as hell.

I could watch these guys wrestle time and time again. Ace got the win this go round.

Five Way: Cam Zagami vs. Tyler Nito vs. Skylar vs. Mike Graca vs. Mike Montero
This was a crazy good match that was all over the place.  I am big fan of pretty much everyone in this match.  I want to see them at Limitless more.

Skylar took a beating in this match, including sick kick from Graca. She also gave just as good as she took.  Zagami got the win.

The M1nute Men: Tommy Trainwreck & Devin Blaze vs. Todo Loco & Danny Miles
This was supposed the be the M1nute Men vs. the Super Savages, the Savages no showed and the caveat card subject to change came into play.

This turned out to be much better.  This was a very exciting fast paced match.  M1nute Men put on a tag team wrestling display with some great double team maneuvers.  Surprisingly Loco and Miles got the win.

I had only previously seen Loco at Big Time Wrestling, and wasn't impressed with him at all.  Roy and Mikey kept telling me how awesome he was in NECW when they had seen him there.  Well tonight I was very impressed.

Brian Cage vs. Brian Fury
What a fantastic match!  Cage is just friggin huge! Great back and forth action and the crowd actually got into this one.  Fury kept going back to the Boston Crab and finally got the win via submission.

Post match Fury got on the mic and thanked the crowd, he talked about how this is his final year in wrestling with November 19th being his final match in Maine.

He requested that Ace Romero be his final opponent and what stated as complimentary statements at Ace quickly changed direction to a verbal lashing which lead to a pull apart with Ace.

This will probably be the last time I see Fury wrestle as I can't make the November 19th Limitless show because of work.  His final match will be December 16th for Chaotic Wrestling.

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