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PWG 2015 Battle of Los Angeles

The Pro Wrestling Guerrilla 2015 Battle of Los Angeles was UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

August 28, 29, & 30 Reseda, California

Of course once I got the three events it was after my days off and when I started my 10 hour shift rotations which severely limits my free time for watching Pro Wrestling matches.  Because of this I watch the events a match or two at a time over a period of a few days which is actually kind of awesome.

I have determined that PWG is my favorite promotion to watch, I realize they only run 9 – 10 shows a year but they are always awesome.  The venue, the atmosphere, filming style, the commentary, everything about it is amazing.  Watching the shows over a few days spreads out the awesomeness!

This year PWG brought in wrestlers the England, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Canada, & Mexico to compete in the tournament with several wrestlers making their PWG debuts.  It was truly an international event!

NIGHT 1 August 28th

First Round Matches

Brian Cage defeated Aero Star with a Steiner Screwdriver Suplex
I had never seen Aero Star before and as we all know Brian Cage is an f’n machine.   I was quite impressed with Aero Star’s ability and his unique high flying manor.  When he does splashes or planchas to the floor is basically makes his body stiff as a board until impact so it looks a little odd but it’s unique and definitely his own thing.

Biff Busick defeated Andrew Everett
It was a great match that featured both wrestler’s key styles mixing mat based wrestling with high flying.  Biff went gremlin mode at one point grabbing Everett by the jaw and laying in several slaps to the face.

William Ospreay pinned Mark Andrews
I had seen a couple Ospreay matches on You Tube but had never heard of Mark Andrews.  Both of these wrestlers are from the UK, as are 3 others in the tournament this year, and were making their PWG debuts.  It was a great introduction to both wrestlers, the fans wildly behind Ospreay in this match.  I was impressed by both of them and their high flying techniques and a very unique Canadian destroyer style DDT.

Non-Tournament Tag Team Match
Los Gueros del Cielo: Angelico & Jack Evans defeated Inner City Machine Guns: Rich Swan & Ricochet when Evans pinned Swan after a 630 splash.
This match started with a dance contest and then exploded into a one high spot after another and some amazing acrobatics by Jack Evans.  This was the third match I have seen Angelico in and I am really impressed by him.  I know on night 2 Evans and Angelico have a singles match and I’m looking forward to it.

First Round Matches

Pentagon Jr. pinned Drago
The battle of two AAA luchadores with the crowd solidly behind Pentagon Jr.  This match was odd as the beginning and end were fast paced and high impact but the middle really dragged and almost came to a standstill.  Some good mat wrestling and submissions by Pentagon Jr.

Matt Sydal pinned Fenix
I was expecting some serious high flying, and we got some, but Sydal really worked Fenix’s leg trying to slow down the high flyer, but he didn’t succeed.  Fenix has unbelievable balance and the way he flies through the air is amazing.  Sydal played the heel much of the match but the crowd popped when he won.

Non Tournament Match
Mt. Rushmore 2.0: World Champion Roderick Strong & World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks: Nick & Matt Jackson defeated Eurotrash: Zack Sabre Jr., “The Villain” Marty Scurll, & Tommy End.
This match had everything, British style mat wrestling, strong style, high flying, and many, many, many stiff kicks.  A very good match that highlighted all six competitors involved and even though Sabre took the pinfall from Strong, it didn’t hurt him at all and only enhanced the feud where we will eventually see Sabre win the championship from Strong.

NIGHT 2 August 29th
Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer was sitting front row this show

First Round Matches

“The Villian” Marty Scurll defeated Rich Swan
Decent match was really surprised that Scurll went over but I’m glad to get the chance to see him in the next round which is against Trevor Lee.  For some reason Scurll just looks really small to me, he’s my height but it’s almost like, with his long beard and hair, that his head is disproportioned in size to his body.  Either way though it was a good match and a great way to kick off night two of the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles.

Jack Evans pinned Angelico
In a match-up of tag team partners the very vocal Jack Evans got the win to advance.  Evans wasn’t playing full blown heel but was making some very disparaging remarks to the crowd for the second consecutive day.  At one point Evans had him a drink and went all drunken master, it was done brilliantly especially the corkscrew head butt.

Chris Hero pinned Timothy Thatcher
This was a methodical and extremely hard hitting match between both of these men.  I really like Hero a lot and I know the elbow is his specialty, but sometimes I think he hits it too many times.

Tag Team Match

Aero Star & Fenix defeated Drago & Pentagon Jr.
This was a fast paced high flying match with all 4 leaving everything in the ring.  Fenix is so amazing, his corkscrew dive off the top rope to the floor is phenomenal!  Pentagon is a bad ass, plain and simply.  The match ended with a double pin on Drago and Pentagon after different piledriver variations.

First Round Matches

Tommy End pinned Drew Gulak
This match wasn’t very long, it was mat based and very, very physical and violent with severe striking by both of them.  I liked this match because it was different and ended unexpectedly.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey pinned Drew Galloway
Visually this was a massive mismatch.  Galloway easily has a foot on Bailey and a 50 – 60 pound weight advantage.  Bailey utilized his kicking ability and quickness to out maneuver Galloway to get the eventual win.  This is just another great match by Bailey in the long line he’s been having as of late.  Galloway was fantastic in the ring and it obvious how WWE missed the boat with him.

Zack Sabre Jr. pinned Ricochet
A high-flying and mat based affair with the future of professional wrestling.  Sabre got the win

Six Person Tag Team Guerrilla Warfare Match
Mt. Rushmore 2.0: Super Dragon and Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks: Matt & Nick Jackson defeated Biff Busick, Andrew Everett, & Trevor Lee.

This match was absolutely crazy fighting all over the building using anything they could find as weapons.  All six of them were flying all over place, vicious chairshots, ladders, trash cans, one table the Bucks broke out the thumbtack sneakers, one for each this time.   Biff finally got his hands on Dragon and even though in the end Dragon pinned Biff of the win for his team, Biff beat the tar out of Dragon first.

After the match Excalibur got in the ring to say he’s had enough of 2.0 and was going to put a team together to go against them.  Dragon and Bucks ran back and beat up Excalibur, Chris Hero made the save but eventually was also laid out

NIGHT 3 August 30th

Second Round Matches

Jack Evans pinned Brian Cage
Jack Evans cut another scathing promo endearing himself to Brian Cage and the fans.  Cage beat the tar out of Evans for a few moments before Evans hit is one offensive kick and then scored a quick upset pin.

Chris Hero pinned Biff Busick
Another brutally stiff match that featured lots of striking and ended with an avalanche piledriver from the second rope.

“The Villain” Marty Scurll submitted Trevor Lee
Scurll worked the shoulder the entire match leading to his chicken wing finisher.  Trevor Lee was fantastic as always.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Pentagon Jr.
Very little high flying, lots and lots of mat based wrestling and VERY unique submissions holds.  Sabre got the win with a kimura, or as JR calls it a double wrist lock.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Tommy End
So many brutally stiff kicks from both men in this match, Bailey got a decisive victory in this match where the other first round matches seemed to be quick or fluke wins.  Tommy End is THE man

William Ospreay defeated Matt Sydal
These two have a very similar style with fast paced high flying and stiff strikes.

Eight Man Tag
Mt. Rushmore 2.0: Super Dragon, World Champion Roderick Strong & World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks: Nick & Matt Jackson defeated Angelico, Fenix & Inner City Machine Guns: Rich Swann & Ricochet
This was high flying everyone going everywhere match with lots of high flying awesomeness. Of course Mt Rushmore couldn't lose this weekend with Rich Swann being pinned.

Semi-Final Round Matches

Chris Hero defeated Jack Evans
Before and after this match Evans addressed the crowd much the same he has the last two nights belittling the crowd.   Evans took a beating this entire match but kicked out of every pinfall attempt at a 1 count, except for the final one where the ref reached 3.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated William Ospreay
Again two similarly styled competitors bringing it with high flying and Bailey's brutal and precise kicks.  I'd love to see a longer match between the two.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated “The Villian” Mart Scurll
I loved this match!  There was comedy, but it was the cheeky British style comedy and some really great mat wrestling and reversals including some stuff I've never ever seen before!

Ten Person Tag Team Match
Aero Star, Drew Galloway, Drew Gulak, & Best Friends: Chuck Taylor & Trent?  Vs. Mark Andrews, Tommaso Ciampa, Drago, Andrew Everett, & Timothy Thatcher
This was a giant train wreck! We had a 10 way nut shot, slow motion action, intense mat wrestling, high flying, everything, just everything.

2015 Battle of Los Angeles Finals

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Chris Hero & “Speedball” Mike Bailey
The match starts with very unique 3 man mat wrestling that I've never seen before!  I don't think it's anything you can practice so it was all very creative.  This match was vicious from beginning to end with stiff, stiff strikes, and submissions galore. Long match too.

Chris Hero pinned Bailey after 3 piledriver variations

Sabre submitted Hero with a double arm bar and stomps to the head.

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