Thursday, October 22, 2015

WWE Network: Table for 3 and more

Table For 3

Table for 3 is a new show on the WWE Network that features 3 wrestlers sitting around having a meal and talking about wrestling.  How could this not be good right?  Each episode has a different theme and wrestlers appearing are from different times in wrestling.   Each episode is about 22 minutes long, but I would like it if they were much, much longer.

Brass Ring
Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Ceasro
One of my favorites so far with these three talking about their journey and rise in WWE to where they are now.  They also talk a lot about being on the independent scene and how it was there and some of the others wrestlers that they worked with.  Really good show.

IC Champions Club
Daniel Bryan, Ryback, & Dolph Ziggler
They briefly talk about what how the Intercontinental Championship was important to them when they were younger and how that want to make it that way again.   Hilarious stories of them being on the road together, wrestling each other, Ryback hurting Dolph, wanting to impress Bock Lesner, trying to get fans in Russia to cheer for him, calling Daniel Bryan a bully and so much more.  I laughed so much during this episode.

WCW Legends
Sting, DDP, & Vader.  They open up talking about Sting finally getting signed to WWE.  Then Sting and Vader talk about their WCW feud including Vader calling Sting the stiffest pretty boy he’d ever faced. By the way Vader health wise and shape wise looks great!  DDP talks about Sting and his WCW World Title Match on Nitro. 
Other topics include NXT, Sting’s Wrestlemania match, John Cena, Harley Race, Sting getting Lex Lugar into WCW for the debut of Nitro, Ted Turner, WCW memories and more.

WWE 24

NXT Brooklyn
A behind the scenes look at NXT and their sell out show in Brooklyn on eve of SummerSlam. 
This documentary starts back at NXT Arrival in February 2014 taking us all the way to Brooklyn.  They talk to a variety of NXT Wrestlers and Triple H about Florida Championship Wrestling, the Full Sail University crowd, taking NXT on the road, and more about the growth of NXT.
We go in-depth with Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, the evolution of Women’s wrestling, Bayley, and others. 
A very detailed look at the Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match including footage of their mothers at ringside and post-mast celebration of the 4 Horsewoman. 
We get a detailed look at the Main Event Ladder match pitting Champion Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens.
It’s really cool listening to Triple H’s comments through-out as he clearly is a proud poppa when it comes to NXT and “his kids”
A couple things that were not covered that surprised me was nothing about the amazing entrance the Enzo and Big Cass got, Samoa Joe, and nothing at all about Jushin Liger.  They showed three brief clips of him in the final montage of the event.  The final image was Bayley hoisting the NXT Women’s Championship and crowd chanting her name.  Thea doesn’t surprise me as it really felt like they were putting the women’s division over hard, and rightfully so.

A pretty amazing hour and well worth checking out. 

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