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Limitless Wrestling: "Unreal" report 1/27/2017

Friday January 27, 2017 Limitless Wrestling presented Unreal featuring "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes at the Armory in Westbrook, Maine.  Tickets practically sold out in advance which is unheard of for independent wrestling in Maine.

Canaan, Paul, Alex, & I made the drive south looking forward to a great night of wrestling action.  We met Roy, Mickey, Cheryl and others at the venue.  VIP was supposed to be let in at 6:15 but doors didn't open until a little after 6:30.

We claimed out seats and then got in line for Cody Rhodes, we were at the front.  Cody was so friendly and took the time to speak to everyone.  He saw my son stuck his hand to shake Canaan's and asked him how he was doing.  I asked him about wrestling at the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom 11 and he said it was ten of the best minutes of his life.

Now I've meet a lot of "big name" wrestlers and for most of them that would of been the end of the conversation because the question was answered and he had a line ahead of him.  Instead he kept on talking about the show telling me a story about his entrance for the match.  The general consensus I got from everyone that night was how nice Cody is.

Next up Canaan and I got our picture with Tess Blanchard, third generation wrestler and daughter of one of my all time favorites Tully Blanchard.  I had gotten a photo with her previously at the Boston Pro Wrestling Marathon so I had her sign that one.

Once the General Admission crowd was let in the building really filled up.  Randy even sold some standing room only tickets so you could definitely say it was a sell out.  The show started late, but for good reason, people were still in line to meet Cody and other wrestlers.

Jon Silver defeated Flip Gordon
Great match between these two to get the crowd going that earned a standing ovation when it was over.  Silver is such a powerhouse that you forget that he's short.  Flip is one of my favorites to watch.  I'd really like to see him against someone like Ricochet or Matt Sydal who are both March 17th when Limitless returns to Westbrook.

Maine State Posse defeated Cam Zagami & Tyler Nitro w/ Mike Gamble
The Posse continue to improve and are over with the crowd.  I like the team of Zagami and Nitro and I think they have a chance at being a great tag team.  But they are already teasing hostility and dissension between the two.

Troy Nelson pinned Mike Gamble
Zagami issued an open challenge for anyone to fight Gamble and out came Top Shelf fresh from the commentary booth drink in hand.  Match was very quick with Nelson getting the pin on Gamble after Zagami accidentally superkicked him.

"Celtic" Connor Murphy pinned "The Rogue" Anthony Gangone
I forget how good Murphy is at times.  I know he's been wrestling for almost 15 years but the last few years I believe it's been sporadically, and yet he's still really good in the ring.  The more I see Gangone the more I like him. I hope he continues coming to Limitless.

Courtesy of Philster

Veda Scott pinned Tessa Blanchard
These two ladies put on a hell of a match, it didn't get the reaction that it deserved from those in attendance.  They both worked hard with with Veda getting the win after poking Blanchard in the eye when the ref was trying to separate them in the ropes and hitting her finish.

Anthony Greene & Ace Romero defeated American Destroyers: Donovan Dijak & Mikey Webb
This was the match of the night hands down!  First off you have Greene & Romero's entrance to Take Me Home Tonight with live guitar accompaniment that had a large part of the audience singing along.  The match it self was fantastic!  I don't know if I have the words, but the four of them started slow and picked up the pace to a tremendous level.  I feel like they went 30 minutes until Greene got the pin on Dijak after a 450 splash.

Intermission followed which was needed as the emotional ride this previous match had taken us on, we needed the break.  During the break I ran into a guy, I can't recall his name, who commented he was  fan the podcast which was really cool and unexpected.

I took this photo of Tessa at intermission posing with the Shimmer tag team championship.

"Kingpin" Brian Milonas defeated Warbeard Hanson, Big Daddy Beluga, & Max Smashmaster
Great big man match that had Hanson come off the top rope to the floor on the other three competitors.  Post match Hanson leveled Milonas with a spin kick

David Starr pinned Xavier Bell
This was billed as a WXW Shotgun Championship match.  Starr came to the ring without the title stating that Bell didn't deserve a title match, but if he beat him then would get a title match in March.  Typically in this circumstance Bell would get the win, but that didn't happen.

My first time seeing Starr in person and I am now a huge fan!  He's really great in the ring and uses subtle humor while maintaining being a heel.  I really want to see him back in March.

Skylar pinned Jeremy Leary

This was initially booked as a tag match with these two teaming against The M1nute Men.  However Devin Blaze was injured in a car crash.  Leary and Skylar are in real life a couple which they used in the match.  The match was ok, really scary moment when Skylar hit Leary with a tombsone piledriver.

Mike Graca pinned Adam Booker
This was an open challenge match that Graca answered.  Bad ass entrance for Grace with a sally port door opening and an ambulance backed partially into the building with Graca coming out of the back.  Great match a couple scary moments with Booker suplexing Graca from the floor onto the edge of the ring and Graca tombstone piledriving Booker.  I really like both these guys, Booker for years, and want to see them on every show.

JT Dunn pinned "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes
I was surprised that Dunn got the win as many were.  I've noticed a trend in independent wrestling where promotions are seemingly working together to tell stories for those traveling headliners.  Which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Top to bottom it was an awesome night of wrestling.  The final match ended at 11:40pm, we hit the Burger King drive thru, grabbed a polar pop at the Circle K and headed north.  By the time we got home I was spent and ready for bed.

Last year I only made it to six shows and I've already got 4 shows planned out in the first six months of 2017.  Staring out right!

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