Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Last Match: Gone Too Soon

As with all walks of life those we love sometimes leave us before we want them too and before they should.  There are various reasons why these wrestlers died but the one thing they all have in common is that they all left us too soon.

Chris Candido
TNA Lockdown PPV Orlando, FL April 24, 2005
Steel Cage Match: Apolo & Sonny Siaki defeated Lance Hoyt & Chris Candido
Died April 28, 2005 from a blood clot he received after surgery from breaking his leg in his final match, he was 33 years old

Louie Spicolli
WCW Monday Nitro, El Paso, TX February 9, 1998
“Gentleman” Chris Adams defeated Louie Spicolli by disqualification
Died February 15, 1998 from an overdose he was 27 years old

Chris Kanyon
NYWC Deer Park, NY January 30, 2010
Kanyon as Mortis defeated The High Society: Blake Morris & Mike Reed in a Handicap Match
Committed suicide April 2, 2010 overdosing on antidepressants he was 40 years old

Sean O’Haire
WWE TV Taping Dark Match Kansas City, MO March 28, 2006
Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Sean O’Haire
Committed suicide by hanging September 8, 2014 he was 43 years old

Lance Cade
All Japan Pro Wrestling Osaka, Japan July 4, 2010
Lance Cade defeated Seiya Sanada
Died August 13, 2010 from apparent heart failure from and accidental overdose, he was 30 years old

“Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig
NWA TNA Nashville, TN January 8, 2003
Curt Hennig defeated David Flair in an Axe-Handle On A Pole Match
Died February 10, 2003 from cocaine overdose, he was 44 years old

Owen Hart
WWF House Show, Chicago, IL Rosemont Horizon May 22, 1999
Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge & Christian when Owen pinned Christian
Died May 23, 1999 from injuries suffered after falling from the catwalk at the Over the Edge PPV he was 34 years old

Eddie Guerrero
WWE Smackdown November 8, 2005 Indianapolis, In
Eddie Guerrero defeated Ken Kennedy by DQ after Eddie made the referee think that Kennedy has used a chair on him in the match.  After Kennedy leveled Guerrero with a chair shot to the head
Died November 13, 2005 from heart failure, he was 38 years old

“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith
TRCW: Top Rope Championship Wrestling Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada May 11, 2002
Teamed with Harry Smith & Zack Mercury defeating Robby Royce, The Axe, & TJ Bratt
Died May 18, 2002 after suffering a heart attack possibly related to past anabolic steroid use, he was 39 years old.

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