Thursday, July 2, 2015

Random Wrestling: Nothing but the Bucks!

OK so this edition of Random Wrestling isn’t really random at all as it’s all about the Young Bucks and nothing but the Young Bucks!   Of course it’s not the Young Bucks of today, I’ve scoured You Tube for the oddest and

Nick Jackson Birthday Brawl
This was posted on April 11, 2012 by High Risk Wrestling on their You Tube channel. 
I have no idea when this happened other than before 2012 and it features Nick Jackson wrestling Brandon Cutler in a match that takes places in various locations around I’m guessing their home.  Seriously it starts out in a backyard, they jump in cars go to a different location, battle in a bouncy castle, on a roof, it’s just awesome!  I’m not sure if this was supposed to be part of a movie or something as it ends ominously.  Worth watching though.  

Mullet Man & Fluffy the Dog vs. Gallinero & Sexy Sonny Samson
For Rev Pro I’m guessing 2005-ish in California
Fluffy the Dog is Matt Jackson and Gallinero is Nick Jackson in this tag team encounter from early in the Bucks career.   Another match from High Risk Wrestling’s You Tube page which was started by Matt Jackson in late 2004.  It’s a good match showing what the Bucks could do at the beginning of their careers and how far they’ve come in the last 10 years. 

Los Gallineros: Uno & Dos vs. Sexy Sonny Samson & Diablo
Rev Pro event The End in California
Los Gallineros are the Young Bucks and they are pure awesome in this match.  There are a couple moves that I had to skip it back and watch again because I hadn’t seen them before.  This match it seems to be was the Bucks when they first got into wrestling and were loving it, having fun, and not caring.  TNA sucked the life out of them and it seems like the Bucks have returned to loving it, having fun, and not caring. 

The Young Bucks & Marty Jannetty vs. Joey Ryan, Diablo, and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson
High Risk Wrestling presents “Highway 2 Hell”
August 4, 2007 Victorville, CA
Straight away, the quality of the match video wise wasn’t the best but that could have been my connection.  Joey’s entrance of lap dancing unsuspecting and unwilling ladies is fantastic.  The Crowd loves them some Marty Jannetty.  If you don’t want to sit through the introductions and want to get straight to the wrestling then skip ahead to the 9:34 mark, up it’s a 25 minute video and only 15.5 minutes of wrestling, better ratio than RAW. 
Good match with Jannetty hitting the Rocker dropper and superkick for the win.   The post-match promo is great stuff!

Chuck Palumbo vs. Matt Jackson
WWE Smackdown
February 22, 2008 San Diego, CA
Your basic TV squash match, Matt got in a dropkick and nothing more.

 The Dirt Sheet
October 28, 2008 San Diego, CA
This was an episode of the Miz & Morrison’s show The Dirst Sheet and the Young Bucks portrayed DX in a segment to put over their upcoming tag match and the Bucks took their finishers. 

Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck
TNA Explosion
March 15, 2011 Orlando, FL
Billed as for the first time in TNA the Bucks have wrestled each other.  Solid match that should have been given 10 more minutes of TV time as I was left wanting for more.   They had a rematch on IMPACT on March 31st with Max getting the win.

That’s all for this time around rest assured another edition of Random Wrestling: Nothing but the Bucks will happen in the future. 

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